Miele Induction Cooktop: How to Use

Miele has been around since 1899, so it’s no wonder they’re one of the top kitchen brands. From stove ranges to cooktops, they have a number of high-quality products to choose from.

If you’ve fallen in love with one of their induction cooktops but are still at a loss on how to use it, below is a general overview of a few of the Miele cooktop operating instructions.

Before powering up your Miele induction stovetop

Having a new cooktop can be exciting, so we won’t blame you if you want to test it out immediately.

But before you turn on its power, here’s a short checklist you should consider doing:

  • Read your Miele induction cooktop manual. Although this is a handy guide, it’s still recommended to browse your unit’s induction manual since different models may require specific instructions for operating.
  • Double-check the electrical connection. Before you power up your induction, it’s always good to check if it’s properly plugged in and compatible with the electrical socket. If you notice an issue, contact a professional installer to have your unit checked.
  • Prepare induction-compatible cookware. You don’t necessarily need to buy brand-new pots and pans for your cooktop, but it’s always best to have magnetic ones at hand. This way, you won’t run into any compatibility issues when cooking.

Miele induction cooktop instructions

To help you get started, here are the basics on how to operate your Miele induction stove:

TIP: If you don’t have the Miele manual, you download it here: Miele Operating and Installation Instructions for Induction Cooktops (just type in your model number)

How to turn on the Miele induction stovetop 

To power up your induction cooktop, you just need to press the On/Off sensor that’s usually located at the center of the cooktop. You’ll know the unit is on when the rest of the sensor buttons light up.

Take note that your cooktop will automatically turn off after a few seconds if you don’t press other functions. To manually turn off your unit, you just need to press the same On/Off button for a few seconds until the light of the sensors power off.

How to cook on Miele induction cooktop

Each burner will have its own control sensors, so you must pick which one to use. Then, place a pan on your desired burner and press the 0 button on its corresponding sensor. You’ll need to ensure the pan size fits the burner, or your induction won’t function.

The instructions for adjusting the power level of the burner will vary since some Miele induction cooktops will have numbers 0-9 displayed on their control sensor. In comparison, other models will only have up and down arrow keys.

If your induction has the number display, just press the corresponding number on how hot you want your burner to be. 1 equals low heat, while 9 indicates the highest temperature setting.

If your unit has the up and down arrow keys, you just need to press the up sensor to increase the temperature. Press the down button if you want to lower the heat.

The operating manual should also have a recommended power level setting for different cooking methods, so you can refer to it depending on the type of dish you’re preparing.

How to set the timer on Miele induction cooktop

If you often like to slow cook your meals, setting a timer on your induction can be handy. It automatically turns off once the time is up, so you don’t constantly have to keep your eye on the stove and clock. You can set a time between 1 minute to 9 hours, but some models can go up to 9 hours and 59 minutes.

There are two types of timers built into your induction cooktop, and you can set them up depending on your needs. One is a minute minder that lets you set up a countdown timer, while the other automatically turns off your selected cooking zone when the time is up.

To set up a minute minder, tap the bell symbol on the left or front left portion of your chosen numerical key bank. 

Then press the number that you want to set the timer to. For example, if you’re going to put the timer for 2 hours and 15 minutes, press 2-1-5. The timer will then start to countdown and play a sound notification when it’s done.

If you want to set up a switch-off timer, press the clock symbol on your induction until the indicator light of your chosen cooking zone turns on. Then, tap the numbers you want to set the timer to. When the time is up, your cooking zone will automatically turn off by itself.

How to unlock the Miele induction cooktop

A built-in safety lock is one of the safety features of a Miele induction cooktop. When this setting is on, you can only turn off the cooking zones, extractor, and cooktop and modify the time on the minute minder.

To set up this feature, press and hold the clock and Pause/Play symbols simultaneously. A timer will count down for 6 seconds until the LOC symbol appears.

If you want to deactivate the safety lock, press and hold the clock and Pause/Play symbols simultaneously. A timer for 6 seconds will count down again until it’s deactivated.

How to turn off child lock on Miele induction cooktop

Another safety feature of Miele induction stovetops is the system lock or child lock. Although an induction cooktop is safer than other types, it’s a safety precaution for preventing accidents. 

You can only activate this lock when your stovetop is off. To set up, press and hold the power button until a 6-second timer counts down. You’ll know it’s activated when LOC appears on the display screen.

If you want to deactivate the lock, simply press the power button for 6 seconds, and your induction cooktop will power on.


Although there’s a separate article on how to troubleshoot common Miele induction cooktop troubles, here’s a quick sneak peek at how you can fix a few errors: 

Why is my Miele induction cooktop flashing numbers?

If the display screen on your Miele induction cooktop is counting down numbers, you may have accidentally activated the timer. You can turn it off by tapping the clock symbol and pressing the 0 on the control key.

If that didn’t solve the issue, you might have placed an unsuitable pan in a cooking zone. You’ll know if this is the source of the problem if the indicator lights of numbers 1 to 9 are flashing. If that’s the case, ensure the cookware you’re using is the same diameter as the burner and has a magnetic base before you power up your cooktop.

Why does my Miele cooktop keep turning off?

If your induction stove keeps turning off, it may have activated its overheat protection feature. It protects your cooktop from damage by automatically shutting down when its internal temperature is too high.

This can also happen when you’re heating an empty pan in a cooking zone or your cooktop doesn’t have sufficient air ventilation below.

If that’s the source of the issue, let your cooktop cool down for a few minutes before powering it back on. Contact a professional cooktop installer to redo your setup if it has improper ventilation.

How to clean Miele induction cooktop

To keep your induction cooktop from damage, it’s essential to keep it clean. Miele recommends you allow your stovetop to cool down before you start cleaning.

Use a ceramic glass cleaner and microfiber cloth to remove grime and grease. If you’re dealing with stubborn or burnt stains, use a glass scraper to remove them gently.

To keep the process minimal, you can also immediately wipe away any spills or splatters when cooking. Avoid using abrasive cleaners on your cooktop since they can scratch the surface. Also, stay away from using conventional cleansers since they tend to discolor your stove.

Final thoughts

A Miele induction cooktop can be an exciting addition to your kitchen. Its efficiency is a major time-saver, and it doesn’t hurt that its elegant design levels up your interior.

Operating it at the beginning can sometimes be confusing, especially if you haven’t cooked with induction before. That’s why it’s always recommended to read its instruction manual, so you’ll know how to operate it properly.

This article serves as a general guide on how to use your cooktop. Considering each model will have different key sensors and features, it’s still best to refer to its manual.

But with time and constant use, you’ll get used to your stove and will be able to cook your favorite meals with ease!






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