Best Induction Cooktop Cleaner

Induction cooktops have gained popularity in recent years due to their efficiency, sleek design, and ease of use. However, to maintain their pristine appearance and performance, it is crucial to choose the right cleaner.

This article explores various options and highlights the best induction cooktop cleaner products available on the market currently. You’ll also examine how brands compare to each other, and hopefully, you’ll have your pick by the end of this article!

What is the best cleaner for an induction cooktop?

Induction cooktops provide a sense of modern technology in your kitchen space. 

They offer an energy- and time-efficient cooking experience, excellent temperature control, advanced safety features, and easy clean-up. An induction cooker is an excellent investment for a home cook who loves aesthetics and function! 

To avoid costly repair and maintenance, it’s best to keep in mind that cleaning your induction cooktop every after usage is essential. An induction cooktop without food residue and grease not only appeals to the eyes but also promotes hygiene, efficiency, and longevity. 

You’ll likely require the manufacturer’s manual on how to clean your induction properly, so don’t lose it! 

If you misplaced it, don’t worry! Here are some key factors you must consider when choosing the best induction cooktop cleaner for you. 

1. Safe Chemicals

Look for a cleaner that is safe to use on glass or ceramic surfaces, as most induction cooktops are made of these materials. Ensure the cleaner does not contain harsh chemicals, ammonia, or abrasive ingredients that could damage the surface or pose health risks.

Tip: Always use rubber gloves when cleaning to ensure your hands do not get irritated. To avoid burns, only clean your cooktops when it has already cooled. 

2. Effectiveness

The cleaner should be effective at removing tough stains, grease, and food residue from the cooktop surface. Look for a cleaner specifically designed for induction cooktops with a track record of delivering excellent cleaning results.

3. Non-abrasiveness

Induction cooktops typically have a smooth glass or ceramic surface that can easily scratch if you use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers. Choose a non-abrasive cleaner to prevent any damage to the cooktop.

4. Residue-free

 A good cleaner should leave behind minimal residue or streaks after cleaning. This ensures that the cooktop remains spotless and visually appealing.

5. Ease of use

Consider a cleaner that is convenient and easy to use. Look for options that come in spray bottles or have user-friendly applicators for effortless application. It should also require minimal scrubbing or wiping to achieve desired results.

6. Odor

Some cleaners may have strong or unpleasant odors. If you are sensitive to smells or prefer a cleaner with a mild fragrance, choose one labeled as odorless or with a pleasant scent.

7. Compatibility

Ensure that the cleaner is suitable for use on induction cooktops and compatible with your cooktop’s specific material. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines to prevent any potential damage.

8. Customer reviews

Read reviews and recommendations from other users to gauge their experiences with different induction cooktop cleaners. This can provide insights into the effectiveness and overall satisfaction of the product.

These eight considerations should be at the top of your list when shopping for an induction cleaner. But if you feel overwhelmed, let’s start with the known brands available in most supermarkets!

Bosch induction cooktop cleaner

Bosch is a household name when it comes to kitchen appliances. Their wide range of induction cooktops is also-of-the-line. They also have their cooktop cleaner for electric and induction cooktops.

It’s a 12-ounce tub that cleans, degreases, conditions and removes dried-on food. It even has a fresh lemon scent! 

You’ll only need a soft cloth to apply a small paste on the problem area. Use a separate clean cloth to remove excess paste. 

Pro Tip: for tough stains, use a metal scraper lightly to clean out most of the grease or spills. Wipe it off with a kitchen paper towel before using your cleaner. 

Most reviews would tell you it’s not only hyped because of the brand. 

It works! Some Amazon customers swear by this to keep their appliances looking brand new. It leaves minimal residue and doesn’t give a dull finish, even if it is a paste. It is worth the price point of $11!

If you are the type to stick to trusted brands like Bosch but don’t find their paste consistency to be your vibe, a liquid consistency from the next brand might just do it for you! 

Miele induction cooktop cleaner

Miele, a German company like Bosch, is known for their pricier (but worth it!) appliances and accessories. Of course, with great appliances comes great maintenance products. 

For ovens and steam ovens, Miele offers cleaning sprays. Meanwhile, their ceramic and stainless steel cleaner is perfect for your induction cooktop’s tough messes. 

When it comes to price, it costs $16 for a 250 mL bottle. The product has a fine-crystal formula that leaves a protective coating when you are done to make cleaning easier the next time around. Their website lists a 94% recommendation rate, and they also have fairly good reviews on Amazon. 

A drop of this goes a long way, and your stainless steel appliances can benefit from it too. Unlike a paste, it’s easy to overdo it with the amount you use. Some customers remarked that it feels too “oily” and the product itself is hard to remove without residue, making an expensive product like this not worth it. 

Pro tip: Be mindful of the quantity! 

Wolf induction cooktop cleaner

As a specialist in the field of kitchen appliances, it may come as a surprise that Subzero Wolf does not have a cleaning product of their own. 

You’d think for such premium kitchen designs, the cleaning products would also be a must-have. 

Don’t worry much, though! The Subzero Wolf website recommends two cleaners: Elco cooktop cleaning cream and Ceran cooktop cleaner. 

Elco cleaning cream is designed for smooth top cooktops, e.g., radiant, halogen, and ceramic glass lime induction cooktops. For $13, you can have 20 fluid ounces of product. It’s certainly budget-friendly!

If there’s a little mess to clean up, you can use a little amount on a paper towel and wipe the glass surface a bit, and ta-dah! No residue left! 

You can also use a non-abrasive scrubbing pad and some elbow grease on tough stains. 

Afterward, buff it using a microfiber cloth until no product residue is left. To lessen elbow grease time, leave the product for several minutes before scrubbing off the stains. 

The other product recommended comes from a brand known for their environmentally-friendly combination of glass and ceramic to create an iconic black smooth top— Schott Ceran

According to their instructional video, you’d only need a hazelnut portion of the Ceran cleaning product to clean up the stains you face after cooking. Rub the surface with a paper towel and wipe off with a separate damp one. Do not forget your microfiber kitchen towel as a final touch to give your induction a squeaky-clean appearance! 

Affresh cooktop cleaner

When talking about cooktop cleaners, one can’t deny that Affresh takes the medal of recognition. From Whirlpool to Kitchen and Maytag, Affresh cooktop cleaner comes highly recommended— and for a reason!

The cleaning kit only costs $10 and includes a five-ounce cleaner, a metal scraper, and five scrubbing pads. It has stellar reviews on the Affresh website and Amazon as well for its odor-free, residue-free quality, and effective performance, especially when deep cleaning is a must. 

What’s the catch? You may need frequent product restocking since it comes in a small bottle. But with sure value for your money, you won’t be disappointed!

Induction cooktop cleaner spray

All products mentioned above, so far, had either paste or liquid consistency. And while these do not lack in terms of quality, they might inconvenience you. 

Because who likes to pour when you can spray it?

Unfortunately, most induction cooktop cleaners in the market are in a liquid form simply because this allows greater efficacy during cleaning and the post-removal of product residue. 

But if you want a DIY spray that is still applicable for stains and a little mess, you can try mixing a 50:50 ratio of vinegar and water and using it to spray burnt deposits. Sprinkle, then wipe with a generous amount of baking soda after for better clean-up. 

The four rules to cleaning

  1. Allow your cooktop to cool down before cleaning.
  2. Use a metal scraper at a 45-degree angle and with a light hand when dealing with old grease stains or burnt leftovers.
  3. Always use gloves and read the instruction to keep yourself safe.
  4. Lastly, wipe down with a microfiber cloth to keep your induction cooktop scratch-free and pristine-looking. 






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