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  • Invisacook Pros and Cons

    An invisible cooktop seems like something straight out of Elon Musk’s brain. As with anything new and innovative, it’s both fascinating and concerning. After all, induction cooktops have only been a recent addition to kitchens. Isn’t an invisible cooktop too good to be true?  Oh well, it’s not.  At least to Invisacook’s dictionary, a futuristic […]

  • Invisible induction cooktop

    Invisible induction cooktop

    If you think kitchen technology reached its pinnacle with the invention of the induction cooktop, you’ve got another thing coming. Since refrigerators are slowly going digital, it’s not a surprise that induction cooktops are also upgrading to keep up with modern times. Invisible induction cooktops are currently having their moment, so if you want to […]

  • Induction Cooktop Protector Mat

    Induction Cooktop Protector Mat

    You might agree that an induction burner is one of the best investments in your kitchen. It improves your cooking speed and precision, so it’s no wonder home cooks are switching to induction. But if you want your induction cooktop to last, you’ll want to treat it kindly since its surface is prone to stains […]

  • How to trick an induction cooker

    How to trick an induction cooker

    With the whole holiday spirit slowly lurching her way to our fave city, it’s prime time to think about food preparation again. And when it comes to efficiency and design, there’s nothing sleeker and more impressive than the induction cooktop currently in your kitchen. There is just one catch: your old pots.  Or is there […]

  • Can You Use A Wok on an Induction Stove?

    Can You Use A Wok on an Induction Stove?

    If the first thing that comes to mind when cooking on a wok is those scenes on TV where professional chefs flip ingredients intensely, you might not be too far off. You might not necessarily need to flambé your ingredients, but a wok can be handy for making stir-frys at home. Because of their deep […]

  • Induction vs ceramic cooktop

    Choosing the right cooktop for your kitchen can be imperative for a home cook, as this can make or break your overall cooking experience. It might be a bit silly, but once you figure out that having the perfect cooktop that caters to your cooking habits can make you more efficient when creating your favorite […]

  • Induction vs Electric Cooktop: Is induction cooking better than electric?

    Induction vs Electric Cooktop: Is induction cooking better than electric?

    Kitchen stoves are one of the common appliances that received a tremendous glow-up (that means “improvement” in Gen Z vocabulary) in recent years, thanks to technology. We are so used to seeing gas burners with bulky and heavy metal spare parts that we are simply confused when we see posh cooktops made from glass and […]

  • Do chefs prefer gas or induction?

    Do chefs prefer gas or induction?

    Nowadays, it does seem like induction cooktops are a must-have in the kitchen. They are easier to operate and clean.  However, despite its marketed convenience, the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers reported in 2019 that only a tiny percentage of US homes have it. Do professionals feel the same way as most citizens regarding this […]

  • Are induction cooktops worth it? Pros and Cons of Induction

    Are induction cooktops worth it? Pros and Cons of Induction

    You have probably heard about all the hype surrounding the newest groundbreaking technology in cooking ranges: induction cooktops. But of course, not everything is perfect. Even this almost-perfect cooktop comes with its flaws.  In this article, we will tell you the benefits and drawbacks of owning and using induction cooktops. What are the disadvantages of […]

  • Does Calphalon work on Induction?

    Does Calphalon work on Induction?

    Having an induction cooktop in your kitchen has its benefits, but looking for new cookware can be frustrating. Since top-quality induction-ready cookware doesn’t come cheap, the best thing you could do is to invest in ones that are worth the price. You’ve heard about Calphalon cookware for a while, but you’ve never had the chance […]