what is a full surface induction cooktop

Full Surface Induction Cooktop: Is it worth the hefty price tag?

With the convenience and efficiency of an induction cooktop, it’s hard to believe that you can add anything more to top it off. But apparently, it’s possible since full-surface induction cooktops make your cooking experience more flexible.

But if you’re out of the loop, you might be scratching your head and ask: 

What is a full-surface induction cooktop, and how does it work?

Well, you’ll no longer have to wonder because this article will discuss its features. As a bonus, we’ll also look into the pros and cons of a few brands so you know which smooth surface induction cooktop you should add to your kitchen.

What is a smooth surface induction cooktop?

You’re probably already familiar with the benefits and features of an induction cooktop, but what is a zoneless induction hob?

A full or smooth surface induction cooktop is a type of induction stove that doesn’t have a designated cooking zone.

You can place your pan on top of its surface, and the cooktop will sense the size of the pan to adjust the heat. This gives you the flexibility to use any cookware size without worrying about matching its size to the burner. 

Although they’re more difficult to find, a few brands offer full-surface induction cooktops in various sizes and styles.

How many zones are there in the induction hob?

If you’re wondering how many zones there are in a regular induction cooktop, it usually depends on the size.

A 30-cm unit typically has 2 cooking zones, while a 60-cm cooktop will have 3-4 burners. The biggest size an induction cooktop can get is 90 cm, and it can come with 4-6 cooking zones. 

Some models even have a bridging function connecting two cooking zones. This gives you more freedom to use bigger cookware on your induction stovetop, like grill pans and griddles.

How does a full-surface induction cooktop work?

As you know, an induction stovetop has metal coils under its cooking surface where electricity can pass through to create electromagnetic energy to heat your pans.

But on a zoneless induction cooktop, its entire cooking surface contains metal coils underneath instead of just in specific zones. When you place a magnetic pan on the cooktop, the coils sense the size of the pan and transfer heat directly to it while the rest of the cooktop’s surface remains cool.

Depending on the brand and model, you can simultaneously fit up to 5-6 pans in various sizes on a full surface induction.

Who makes full-surface induction cooktops?

Smooth surface induction cooktops aren’t as popular as regular induction stoves, but a few reputable brands have them in their catalogs. 

To help you decide which is the best full-surface induction cooktop for your cooking needs, let’s break down the features of a few induction models below:

1. Miele full surface induction cooktop

If convenience is your top priority, you’ll want to look into the Miele KM 7678-2 FL full surface induction cooktop. This sleek 74 cm unit can accommodate up to 6 pans for cooking.

It contains an intelligent pan detection technology that makes the control field follow wherever you move the pan on the surface. One of its features also includes a Stop & Go function that allows you to reduce the power to level 1 so you can safely leave the stovetop unattended for a short period.

But the ultimate highlight is its Con@ctivity feature, which allows your cooktop to automatically connect to a Miele range hood, allowing it to respond to its settings. 

So, if you turn on your cooktop, the range hood also powers on. It will also adjust its extraction settings depending on what you’re cooking. If you’re stir-frying, you won’t have to worry about the smell of your food circulating your home.

2. Gaggenau full surface induction cooktop

If you prefer a wide array of options, Gagganeu has 6 models of 80 cm and 90 cm full surface induction cooktops. You can choose between an elegant frameless unit or a striking stainless steel frame.

The 80 cm units can handle up to 5 cookware at a time, while the 90 cm units can accommodate up to 6 pans.

All models have a touch display control panel that’s easy to use, so you can quickly switch between Dynamic cooking, Professional cooking, or Teppan Yaki functions without a hassle. 

But their major selling point is their Home Connect feature that integrates the cooktops to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, allowing you to conveniently monitor and adjust their settings wherever you are at home.

3. Siemens full surface induction cooktop

The Siemens iQ700 Induction Hob is a dream to have in your kitchen. It’s an 80 cm unit that can handle up to 5 pans of various sizes.

The key highlight that separates it from other brands is its cookingSensor Plus feature that maintains the temperature of your food via Bluetooth when you attach the cookingSensor to your pot. This prevents your food from overcooking or spilling when left unattended.

It also has the flexibility to let you move your pans anywhere on the surface while remembering its heat settings, so you don’t have to spend too much time readjusting its controls.

Like most modern induction cooktops, the Siemens iQ700 also contains an LED display touch control panel, which you can connect to your smartphone for more convenience. 

4. Fisher and Paykel full surface induction cooktop

For a minimal design with a premium feel, you can never go wrong with a Fisher & Paykel unit. They have a 92 cm full induction cooktop that can take up to 6 pots or pans at once.

It has an intuitive touchscreen control panel where you can easily navigate its heat and timer settings. Its features include PowerBoost, Gentle Heat, Auto Heat Reduce, and Spillage auto-off settings to elevate your cooking experience.

It may not include any additional technology, but its straightforward design makes it a reliable induction cooktop that’s easy to use for everyone.

5. V-Zug full-surface induction cooktop

You might not be familiar with V-Zug, but this Swiss brand is definitely worth checking out. Their V6000 I705 FullFlex induction cooktop contains 48 inductors that allow it to detect 6 cookware at once.

One of its key points is its Professional Mode, where you can adjust its power settings by moving your cookware back and forth on the surface. Its Teppanyaki feature also allows it to automatically switch on the mode once it recognizes the pan on the surface.

The cooktop also has up to 18 power levels, but don’t get overwhelmed by its features because its full-color touch control panel makes it easy to switch between its cooking settings and timer.

Another great thing about this cooktop is it’s also available in gray ceramic glass if you’re not a fan of the black surface.

6. Thermador full surface induction cooktop

Thermador’s Freedom Induction Cooktop series features 30-inch or 36-inch full surface units. You can choose between a frameless unit or a surface mount with a frame, but all the cooktops come in a dark gray ceramic glass surface.

The cooktops come with a MoveMode function that allows you to move your pans at any point of the cooktop, and the power level will follow.

Its MyZone feature also lets you change the temperature to a preset power level just by gliding your cookware up, down, or diagonally.

You also don’t want to miss its TeppanyakiPro function since it allows a teppanyaki plate to divide into two zones where you can switch the ingredients on and off the heat.

Is there a zoneless induction range?

Finding the perfect full surface induction range for your kitchen is challenging but not entirely out of the question.

As of now, we can only find one brand that caters to home kitchens – and that is Stoves.

It’s a UK-based kitchen appliance company that carries 3 full-induction ranges in its collection – the Precision Deluxe, Sterling Deluxe, and Richmond Deluxe series.

If you prefer the look of a traditional range, go for the Richmond Deluxe unit. But if you like the minimalism of modern designs, you can choose between the Precision Deluxe or Sterling Deluxe series. 

If you’re not sure which to pick, the Precision Deluxe series only comes in a black swatch, while the latter units only come in a stainless steel swatch.

All three series contain 100 or 110 cm units, so you can pick one that fits your kitchen best. They also have the same features, which include a true zoneless induction cooktop that can fit up to 6 pans.

But the main highlight of these induction ranges is their impressive QuadOven with 183L or 204L total cooking capacity.

Their top left oven is a conventional oven and grill, the one positioned on the bottom left is a fanned second oven, the top right is a multifunctional oven, and the bottom right is good for slow cooking.

Final thoughts

A full surface induction cooktop offers more flexibility when cooking, especially if you like using several pots and pans in various sizes at once. 

It may not include a lot of differences in features from a regular induction stovetop, but it’s an excellent option to explore if you want to get the latest technology.

We hope you get an idea of which brand you want to check out first from our list above.

But at the end of the day, which type of induction cooktop is best for your kitchen will depend on your cooking needs and budget, considering full surface units cost much more compared to regular induction stovetops.






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