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Who makes a White Induction Range? 7 Top Picks

If you discovered the wonders induction cooking can bring, it’s only a matter of time before you invest in an induction range for your kitchen.

While black and stainless steel ranges provide a sleek look, what about when you want a light and clean aesthetic for your kitchen? 

Since white induction ranges are difficult to find, the big question is: Does anyone make a white induction range cooker?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised because we found a number of hidden gems on our list. So, if you’re trying to find the best white induction range for your kitchen, read more below.

Do induction ranges come in white?

There’s no exact explanation for why white induction ranges aren’t as prevalent as black or stainless steel units, but there are a few brands that offer them. 

Although you might not expect all well-known brands to carry any white units in their collections, some digging will lead you to a few kitchen appliance companies with high-quality white ranges.

But you don’t have to worry about spending hours since we’ve already compiled them for you.

Our list contains a wide array of white induction ranges in varying styles and price points, from budget-friendly to outwardly luxurious. So, if you can’t wait to find the perfect one that fits your budget, scroll down below.

Is there a white induction slide in range?

A slide-in induction range provides a seamless look to your kitchen since it’s designed to ‘slide in’ between your countertops. Aside from its fit, another notable difference between a freestanding range is most of its controls are at the front of the unit.

If you think finding a white induction range is already difficult, spotting a white slide-in unit is even rarer – but not impossible!

So far, Samsung and Cafe are some of the few brands with one in their repertoire. But both have vastly different designs and price points, which we’ll discuss below.

Who makes a white induction range?

Hunting for the perfect induction range is taxing enough, but finding a white induction range doubles the effort. So, to save you some time, we’ve gathered a few of the best units in the market to help you decide which suits your cooking needs the most: 

1. Samsung white induction range

If you’re looking for a slide-in unit that doesn’t break the bank, Samsung’s Bespoke 30-inch induction range is the perfect candidate. It comes in a simple white glass swatch, but its features are far from basic.

It has a black induction cooktop that contains 4 cooking zones with rapid temperature control for precise cooking. The range is voice-enabled and allows Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can adjust and monitor the cooktop and oven settings straight from your smartphone.

Its convection oven has a 6.3 cubic feet (cu. ft.) capacity, allowing you to cook large meals with no fuss. It also includes an air frying feature and an air fry tray so you can prepare healthy meals without adding another appliance to clutter your kitchen.

2. Cafe white induction range

If you want a slide-in induction range with a bit of flair, Cafe has a customizable 30-inch unit. Aside from its matte white surface, you can also choose the color and finish of its hardware to ensure it matches your kitchen’s aesthetic.

The range includes 5 induction cooking zones, 5.70 cu. ft. oven and a warming drawer. The oven also comes with an air frying mode and self-cleaning feature, so tidying up after cooking is no hassle.

As with modern induction ranges, it also allows you to personalize the range’s settings through your smartphone for your convenience.

If you really want to splurge, you can also go for their 30-inch induction range model that has a double oven.

It contains the same features as above, but you’ll be able to roast and bake at the same time with two independent convection ovens – which can be handy if you like to host large dinner parties or family gatherings often.

3. Fisher & Paykel white induction range

If you prefer a functional white induction range with a contemporary feel,  Fisher & Paykel has 30 and 36-inch units in their collection.

The 30-inch unit contains 4 induction cooking zones and a 3.5 cu. ft. capacity convection oven.

Meanwhile, the 36-inch version includes 5 cooking zones and a 4.9 cu. ft. oven. Both ranges have 9 built-in oven functions, including Bake, Roast, and Aero Pastry. 

You don’t have to worry about keeping your range spotless after since both also come with a self-cleaning function – which helps break down food residue so they’re easier to clean.

4. Viking white induction range

Viking has a 30-inch white induction range that looks like it can easily fit into a professional kitchen.

Its design may not be everyone’s cup of tea since its oven door is the only white portion of the unit. In contrast, the rest of the range has a stainless steel finish and commercial-style bezels.

Its induction cooktop comes with 4 cooking zones, and its oven has a 4.7 cu. ft. capacity. 

One of its highlights is its built-in Rapid Ready Pre-heat System that cuts down the waiting time for the oven to heat up. It also includes a 10-pass broiler that allows you to toast or sear easily.

5. Verona white induction range

The clean lines of a Verona white 36-inch Designer induction range provide a taste of quiet luxury with its high-quality build.

Its induction cooktop contains 5 cooking zones, where you can bridge 4 to accommodate large cooking vessels. The oven has a 5 cu. ft. capacity that’s powered by European convection.

Plus, it has a 24-inch wide broiler that’s excellent for searing your dishes to perfection.

The range may not have a warming drawer, but it does have a pull-out drawer on the bottom of the oven where you can store your cookware and cookie sheets for a clutter-free kitchen.

6. La Cornue white induction range

If the timelessness of French kitchens inspires you, there’s no better brand to get your induction range from than La Cornue. Their Cornufe series contains two induction ranges you can customize for a white surface. You also have the option to pick between 3 trim finishes to suit your taste.

If you’re unsure what trim finish will look good with a white surface, their website also allows you to customize your range virtually so you’ll know how it will turn out. 

The Cornufe 90 induction range is a 36-inch unit with 5 cooking zones and a single convection oven. While the Cornufe 110 is a 43-inch unit with 5 cooking zones and double ovens. Both ranges have a storage drawer that keeps your pans and baking trays neat and organized.

7. Bertazzoni white induction range

To round this list off, Bertazzoni has 2 quality white induction ranges in 30 and 36-inch sizes. Similar to the Verona unit, these ranges only have a white surface on their oven doors, while the rest consist of a glossy stainless steel finish.

The 30-inch unit comes with 4 cooking zones, where you can bridge 2 to accommodate wide cookware. It also has a 4.6 cu. ft. convection oven that allows you to bake, broil, dehydrate, and proof dishes.

While the 36-inch unit contains 5 cooking zones where you can also bridge 2 into a larger cooking area, its oven has the same features as the previous unit but has a bigger capacity at 5.9 cu. ft.

Honorable mentions

If the list isn’t enough, we still have a couple more units up our sleeves. Although these induction ranges don’t come in white, they’re still worth mentioning for their high-quality ranges without the steep price tag:

1. Frigidaire induction range white

If Frigidaire is your go-to kitchen appliance brand, they have a few induction ranges available in 30- or 36-inch sizes. Their units only come in stainless steel swatches, which makes them easier to maintain.

Their 30-inch induction ranges contain 4 burners, while the 36-inch unit has 5 cooking zones. Depending on the model, you can also choose between a range that includes a total convection oven or an air frying mode that operates at the click of a button.

2. GE white induction range

GE currently has two 30-inch smart induction ranges in its collection. Although none come in white, they are available in a few fingerprint-resistant stainless steel swatches.

Both include 5 induction cooking zones on their cooktops that guarantee precise and even heating. Their ovens have a 5.30 cu. ft. capacity with self-cleaning functions. You can also connect the units to your smartphone so that you can monitor and control their temperatures from anywhere in your home.

The difference between the two is that you can pick between the unit with an in-oven camera or no preheat air fry feature.






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