Is ninja cookware induction compatible?

These days, the market does not lack induction-compatible products.

You got nameless ones up to expensive brands of cookware lining the kitchen shopping section that it’s hard to entertain everything and consider every pros and cons! 

But there’s one brand that’s worth looking at— Ninja.

You probably heard of this brand due to its non-stick technology. But is Ninja cookware induction compatible? 

Unsurprisingly, yes! They offer cookware that’s suitable for every type of cooktop.

Yes, including the selective induction cooktops. 

Read more to explore!

Does Ninja cookware work on induction cooktop?

Induction cooktops are picky children. They throw a tantrum, make random beeping noises, and, worse, stubbornly do not work when you don’t meet their needs. 

Hence, despite them adding appeal and benefits to your kitchen, it’s only understandable that you sometimes want to throw your hands out of frustration, especially when it comes to the cookware you can use on them. 

Say no more! 

SharkNinja, the company that ousted Dyson as the leading vacuum cleaner brand in the US market, also offers kitchenware. The company name is a mixture of their two primary brands, which encompasses various housewares: Shark and Ninja. 

The former focuses on many household cleaning items like their popular vacuums, carpet and floor cleaners, air purifiers, and other cleaning supplies. 

Ninja, on the other hand, is what induction owners should be interested in as it offers cookware. 

Ninja kitchenware came in after the Shark vacuums had already taken off in the market.  The prominence of the Shark brand only served to propel Ninja’s popularity in motorized kitchen appliances, cooking appliances, and cookware, among others. 

You’d be glad to know that Ninja has skillets, sauté pans, sauce pans, stock pots, and griddle pans made in different materials, i.e., stainless steel, ceramic nonstick, and NeverStick (or ZeroStick in the UK and Australia) that you can choose from. 

The stainless steel line, Ninja Everclad, is made of a tri-ply construction to withstand extreme temperatures. If you are a fan of searing or you want your commercial kitchen to have a reliable upgrade, this is something to consider.

NeverStick or ZeroStick, on the other hand, is an exclusive technology that includes cookware made of hard anodized aluminum. However, the pots and pans have a magnetic stainless steel disk at the bottom, which makes it induction-compatible. 

The last one has a CeramicLock technology which has 5x the non-stick capability of traditional ceramic pans.

Like most “ceramic” pans nowadays, the Ninja pans are composed of hard-anodized aluminum with a ceramic coating. Along with the Neverstick line, the ceramic cookware also has a stainless steel bottom that allows induction compatibility. 

Is Ninja Foodi cookware induction compatible?

Like the Shark vacuum cleaner, this air fryer is the highlight of the Ninja Foodi line. But aside from that, Ninja Foodi also includes small appliances such as toasters and pressure cookers, cutlery, and cookware. 

NeverStick falls under Ninja Foodi, and so do their incredible Everclad stainless steel and ceramic non-stick product lines. All of which work for induction. 

But what works for induction in the first place? 

The science of induction is more complex than your usual methods of heat transfer. 

Within your cooktop, you have a metal coil that produces an electromagnetic field when a current is run through it. This field affects ferromagnetic materials, aka the cookware it is in contact with, and the cookware heats as a result. 

Yes, the material heats directly and not the cooktop.

Hence, induction brings speed and efficiency to another level in the kitchen game as it does not rely on traditional heat transfer from source to cooktop to cookware. 

In this regard, it’s important to note the material you can do this with. Only ferromagnetic materials (e.g., iron or those with enough iron) can be used for induction. 

Hard-anodized aluminum is the more durable cousin of aluminum.  

By itself, it does not work on induction. Hence, if you are a home cook who wants affordable induction-compatible cookware, Ninja Foodi is a great line to begin browsing for your next purchase. 

Their NeverStick premium sets are utensils-safe, dishwasher-safe, and oven-safe up to 500 degrees. Because of their proprietary NeverStick technology, they make for easier cleaning since food doesn’t stick or get scorched on the interior. 

Another cookware material available from Ninja Foodi is stainless steel.

This one has an aluminum core sandwiched between commercial-grade stainless steel. Tri-ply constructions benefit from the heat distribution of its aluminum core and the retentive quality of stainless steel covering the exterior and interior. 

Their CeramicLock technology also allows more durability and more frequent use without losing nonstick performance for years. If you are wary of chemicals on your cookware, the ceramic cookware contains no PFAS, PFOA, lead, or cadmium. 

Cast iron, magnetic stainless steel, and tri-ply construction are commonly the cookware materials of choice for induction while aluminum and copper aren’t. 

Key tip: If in doubt, do the magnet trick. If it sticks at the bottom of the pan, it is good enough for induction. 

Does Ninja Pan work on induction?

Like other cookware that belong to the NeverStick, Everclad stainless steel, and CeramicLock product lines, Ninja Pans are suitable for induction. 

If you are planning for a big shopping spree, they offer cookware sets ranging from nine to thirteen pieces of various cookware. All of these include different sizes of fry pans and saucepans as a minimum. As you go up the number, they also include stock pots and sauté pans. 

Their sauté pans are especially one to look out for. The PossiblePan is part of the NeverStick line and is also induction-compatible. Aside from that, it has a steamer and strainer function and can replace 12 cooking tools, according to their website. 

The NeverStick line has more cookware sets available than the other materials. But who could blame them? After all, all Ninja NeverStick pots and pans benefit from this proprietary coating. 

So, what is ninja NeverStick coating made of? 

Well, it’s a PTFE-based polymer coating. 

If PTFE rang a bell, it’s because it is Teflon. It is perfectly food-safe with no PFOA and PFA and FDA-approved as well. 

However, unlike traditional non-stick, NeverStick has interlocked its coating with plasma-ceramic particles fused to the pans through a superheating process at 30 000F. The non-stick coating then achieves a superior bond and longevity through it. 

Aside from checking the box on induction compatibility, you also get to enjoy nonstick for much longer using Ninja pans! 

Is Ninja cookware induction compatible with Samsung?


Samsung induction ranges and cooktops work based on the science of induction, so you’ll find no discrimination from the cooktop as long as the cookware used is induction-compatible. 

However, note that in some circumstances, even with the correct cookware, you may still have incompatibility issues.

This may come from the size of the pan or pot. In such situations, always ensure that your burner zones and cookware match to ensure effectiveness. 

Induction cooktops in high-end brands like Samsung also offer FlexZones, which can adapt to every cookware size and shape. 

If you have that, great! You can put your ninja pans on it, and there’d be no problem. Otherwise, it’s always a good practice to measure your burner zones first before buying. 

Ninja induction cookware reviews

SharkNinja is known for its aggressive marketing strategy. It often appears in online shopping channels with designs engineered to bring utmost convenience, e.g., their PossiblePan and multicookers combining pressure cookers and air fryers.

But what do people say about them? 

In a review by SpruceEats, the NeversStick cookware earns praise for its durable design, excellent heat transfer and distribution, and non-stick quality. Add to that, the set is also well-priced and easy to clean. 

Amazon also mimics the positive reviews, and customers give the NeverStick an overall excellent rating. The source of negative reviews comes from the need to adjust to the pan’s increased boiling time and the warm handles that one needs to be careful about during cooking. 

You can also find YouTube reviews of the Neverstick pans. If you are wondering if it works on induction, it does! 

The pan heats, albeit slower than other nonstick pans, as noted by several customers. There are reviews, however, that show the non-stick quality is not as excellent as advertised. However, as pointed out by the various comments, preheating the pan should be done correctly before testing it. 

PS. Preheating and seasoning the pan, as instructed in the manual, is so important to get a nonstick quality. Don’t skip it! 

If the nonstick quality is to your liking, but you find your ninja pans not working on the induction hob, Ninja support offers some suggestions. 

To ensure contact, place your cookware on either an equally sized burner zone or a smaller one. If you have a large burner zone to work with, they suggest placing the cookware near the outer edge of the ring and not its center so it can come in contact with the induction coil below. 

Do remember that induction is a tricky appliance. But you have a reliable partner with Ninja cookware, and it’s up to you to match them correctly. When in doubt, always grab the instruction manual!






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