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Induction cooktop under countertop? Meet the Invisible induction cooktop!

If you think kitchen technology reached its pinnacle with the invention of the induction cooktop, you’ve got another thing coming.

Since refrigerators are slowly going digital, it’s not a surprise that induction cooktops are also upgrading to keep up with modern times.

Can you put an induction cooktop under a countertop? Can you put an induction cooktop under a granite countertop?

Yes, you can with an invisible induction cooktop!

Invisible induction cooktops are currently having their moment, so if you want to give your kitchen a modern makeover, this may be the perfect unit for you.

But considering installing an integrated invisible induction cooktop can get pricey, you’d have to be sure it’s the fitting addition to your kitchen.

So if you want to know more about how it works and which brands to look out for, read more below.

What is an invisible induction cooktop?

If the lack of counter space is holding you back from making your favorite recipes, an invisible induction cooktop might just be the solution to your kitchen needs.

An under-granite induction cooktop is exactly as it sounds. 

Instead of having a sleek glass-top induction burner on your kitchen counter, the unit’s installed underneath. You’d still get to experience the speed and precision that an induction stove offers, but eliminating the burner surface will free up space on your counter.

This can be beneficial for small kitchens with limited space, but it can also be effective for minimizing the clutter in the room. Cleaning will also be easier since you only need to wipe down your counter to remove food and grease splatters.

How do invisible induction cooktops work?

Seeing an invisible induction cooktop work for the first time may seem like it’s run by magic, but it’s actually not as quite as complicated as you may think.

So how does invisible induction cooktop work?

Similar to a regular induction stove, invisible cooktops also function through electromagnetic energy – where you’ll need to use magnetic cookware to successfully create a magnetic field to heat your pans. 

Think of it as cooking on an induction stove with a paper towel between your pan and burner. 

The heat can go through even if there’s a layer of paper in between. But instead of a paper towel, there’s a solid slab of porcelain or granite counter between the two.

The countertop’s surface can still turn warm or hot the longer you have your stove on, but you won’t burn your fingers once you touch the surface, as you do on a gas or electric stove.

But if you wonder about the controls, you can choose to have them installed on top of the counter or hidden inside a drawer for a more polished aesthetic.

How much does an invisible cooktop cost?

Since the technology is fairly new, expect an invisible induction cooktop price to be high. The brand and number of burners may play a role in its cost, but you’d also have to factor in the installation labor and countertop renovation if your kitchen needs it.

A 4-burner stove can get to an average of $2,400 per unit, but its benefits will surpass its cost once you’re used to how convenient the cooktop can be. So if you have the budget and are looking to level up your kitchen, installing an invisible induction cooktop can be worth considering.  

Can you make a DIY invisible induction cooktop?

Creating an invisible induction cooktop from scratch isn’t highly recommended. But if you have the engineering and electrical knowledge, and high-quality materials, you’ll probably be successful in creating one if you put your mind to it.

But compared to large companies, they have a team of engineers, electricians, and quality control specialists that ensure each unit is safe to use in your home. Each brand may have its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s up to you to decide which has the most bang for your buck.

Is Invisacook real?

Still can’t believe that an invisible induction cooktop actually exists?

Invisacook is currently one of the top leading brands in the market.

If you’re interested in dipping your toes in this latest technology, you can get their 1-burner unit. But if you want to take the plunge, you can go as high as their 5-burner unit so you can finally have the kitchen of your dreams.  

However, if you’re still not completely sold on the idea, you probably still have one question on your mind: 

How do you use InvisaCook?

An Invisacook stove functions similarly to a regular induction cooktop – the only difference is you won’t see the burner. But each unit has a noise locator where it beeps when your cookware isn’t positioned in the right place. 

Invisacook also recommends you use their silicone Invisamat while cooking to prevent any scratches and damages your cookware can cause in the long run. 

All-clad pots and pans would also be ideal to use on your Invisacook unit, but any magnetic cookware will also work. You’ll also no longer have to worry whether you forgot to turn the stove off since you can control its settings through your phone. 

What are the best invisible induction cooktops?

Since only a few companies currently specialize in these units, it can be difficult to find extensive invisible induction cooktop reviews. But if you’re interested in installing one of these units in your kitchen, here are a few more international brands worth looking into:

1. Binova invisible induction cooktop

If you’re aiming to turn your kitchen into a luxurious haven, look no further than the Italian company, Binova. Started by Giovanni and Francesco Bolletta in 1958, their designs are top-of-the-line when it comes to creating an elegant space.

You can currently choose between 8 designs for your kitchen, but if you’re looking to integrate an invisible induction cooktop, you might want to look into their Ono collection.

It consists of deconstructed pieces that maximize the function of each countertop so you can get twice the storage space. This design may be unconventional, but it fits a minimal and contemporary home easily. 

2. TPB Tech invisible induction cooktop

TPB Tech is a notable Spanish brand for luxury kitchen appliances. Spearheaded by their CEO, Joan Lloveras, their TPB tech invisible integrated induction cooktop was first released in January 2013. Since then, plenty of industrial and domestic kitchens have been enjoying the convenience and design that their product can bring.

But if you expect only to get a cooktop, also include their countertop since their technology can only work with it. They offer custom measurements to ensure your cooktops fit perfectly into your space.

Their countertops also consist of 4 layers of ceramic, aluminum, Bakelite resin, and another layer of aluminum to make sure they can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. You can also choose to have the controls as a digital touch screen on the surface of the cooktop or as traditional knobs tucked safely at the side of the countertop.

3. Cooking Surface Prime 3.0

What started as a porcelain tile and countertop company, Cooking Surface Prime revved up its game and became one of the top brands to offer customizable invisible induction cooktops.

From their extensive selection of porcelain countertops, you can come up with a custom cooktop that fits in with your home’s aesthetic. The unique thing about their model is that you control it through a wired remote unit that you can choose to integrate inside the countertop and access through a vertical extraction system.

Like Invisacook, you can connect your cooktop with your device so you can easily adjust its settings wherever you are in your home.

4. Dex Cook invisible induction cooktop

Dex Cook may not be as renowned as the others on this list, but their technology may be as outstanding as the rest.

This Turkish brand currently offers 6, 4, and 2-burner units that you can integrate into your kitchen countertops. Each cooktop also comes with a hidden touch control panel that can easily tuck into a drawer so it wouldn’t disrupt the aesthetic of your space and keep the clutter to a minimum.

But their product doesn’t stop there since you can choose a custom surface to attach your cooktops to. Whether you need it as a counter or a table, Dex Cook has a color or texture you’ll surely adore.

The bottom line

Based on the brands offering them, an invisible induction cooktop is currently considered a luxury addition to your kitchen. Whether you only need the cooktop or want to include a bespoke countertop, each unit will be unique to the dimensions of your space.

If you have the budget to get one, a hidden induction cooktop will make your kitchen look more cohesive. 

Since counter space is always necessary, having a multifunctional appliance will ease the clutter and bring more space. Cleaning will also be quicker and easier since it eliminates the glass-top surface that regular induction stoves have.

So if the pros of having an invisible induction cooktop outweigh the price, get ready to spend a pretty penny, as these units definitely don’t come cheap!






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