Bosch induction cooktop error codes

We know it is frustrating when your induction cooktop works perfectly fine and then suddenly acts up. 

But isn’t it more frustrating when the error codes on your cooktop are not indicated in the unit’s user manual? 

Unfortunately, only the most common errors are shown on the user manual of your cooktop. 

Rare and more complicated errors require calling the manufacturer’s customer service, but it can sometimes be difficult to get a hold of them.

The reasons stated above are precisely why this article exists. As you read on, you will learn about the meanings behind uncommon error codes and how to troubleshoot them on your own.

Why is my Bosch cooktop flashing?

Your Bosch cooktop is flashing because something is wrong with it. Flashing lights are common warning signs that tell you to pause before using your device, in this case, your cooktop, because something about it needs fixing. 

However, there are a lot of signal lights or error codes that could be “flashing” in your induction cooktop. Every signal light or error code could have entirely different meanings from each other. 

The rule of thumb is always to check your induction cooktop’s user manual. Often, the user manual contains the list of error codes, their causes, and how to troubleshoot them at home. 

If you lost your user manual, you could simply look it up online. Most manufacturers publish their user manuals on the internet.

Why is my Bosch cooktop flashing its heat setting indicator?

When the heat setting indicator of your cooktop starts flashing, this means that it cannot detect a pan on the hotplate.

If you have a pan on your hot plate and yet the error persists, then maybe your pan is not made from induction-friendly material, or it is not the suitable size for your hotplate. 

To avoid this problem, ensure that your pan is induction-ready and the appropriate size for the cooktop burner.

What does E mean on an induction cooktop?

On a Bosch induction cooktop, a steady capital letter “E” appears to let you know that something is malfunctioning in your cooktop. 

In this situation, simply hold down the corresponding touch key. Doing so will reveal the error code that you need to take note of to know the specific problem of your cooktop.

But sometimes, a capital letter “E” means that your cooktop’s power button did not work properly. You can easily fix this by resetting your induction cooktop.

How do you reset a Bosch stovetop?

To reset your Bosch induction cooktop, unplug your cooktop from the power supply for at least 30 seconds. Reconnect it again and turn on your cooktop as usual. 

If this method does not work the first time, you can try disconnecting it again, leaving it unplugged for longer periods. But if the problem persists, it is best to contact a technician.

Uncommon Bosch induction cooktop error codes

1. Bosch induction cooktop flashing e

If you see your induction cooktop’s control panel displaying a flashing lowercase “e”, it means that the control panel is wet or something is on top of it. 

To troubleshoot this, wipe the control panel with a clean, dry towel, and remove any objects on top of the panel.

2. Bosch induction cooktop u1 error

If you see your control panel displaying a steady U1, that means your power supply produces incorrect voltage to your induction cooktop. The problem here is your power supply does not operate within normal limits. 

Unfortunately, you cannot fix this on your own. It is best to call a technician or contact your local power supply board.

3. Bosch induction hob error codes reverse 9

Unusual symbols such as a “reverse 9” would probably be intimidating to see on your cooktop. Aside from the symbol, the error it represents is also unusual and difficult to troubleshoot. 

This error is similar to bosch induction hob error code P because a horizontally flipped “9” looks like a “P” but with its bottom line extended horizontally. This code indicates that the power board can sense that power does not reach your cooktop’s burners.  

If this happens, check the fuse inside your cooktop.

To do this, disconnect your cooktop from its power source and pull it from the counter. Remove the top glass and disassemble the box that contains the control boards until you find the fuse at the bottom. 

If the fuse is damaged, replace it. If the fuse looks okay, then perhaps the power board is faulty and is the one that needs replacing.

However, we recommend hiring a technician to do this. Induction cooktops are complicated and require expert knowledge to be repaired. 

Besides, you would want to avoid accidentally adding further damage to your already expensive cooktop. 

4. Bosch induction hob error code er22

Any error with the letters “Er” followed by any number indicates an electronic system error. The number specifies which part of the hob is faulty so that the technician can easily pinpoint the problem. 

In this case, Er22 means that the electrical link between two touch keys is defective. To fix this, you can try performing a double shutdown. 

Simply switch off your power supply once for ten minutes, switch it on again for 60 seconds, and off again for another 10 minutes. Then, turn it back on and try it out. 

If that doesn’t fix it, then you might need to replace the control panel.

5. Bosch induction cooktop error e3

Just like the “Er” set of codes, the lowercase “e” followed by any number also represents an electrical system malfunction. E3 indicates a voltage problem.

In the case of e3 error, your power supply might be distributing electricity at voltages that are higher than the recommended voltage for your cooktop.

Plug in your cooktop through a voltage stabilizer instead of plugging it directly into an outlet.

6. Bosch induction hob error codes e1

An e1 code might mean that your cooktop’s circuit board has short-circuited. 

Short circuits occur when the current takes a “shortcut” and strays away from its usual path. Loose connections, frayed wires, water, and old electrical devices are often responsible for short circuits.

This problem requires a technician’s help. An average household would not have the tools to fix a short-circuited board. Even if you do, it will be risky to pull apart the induction cooktop on your own.  

7. Bosch induction hob error code e135

Seeing an e135 error code on your induction could mean an issue with the electrical connections or a faulty control module or power module.

This error requires a technician, preferably someone from Bosch, to diagnose and fix it.

7. Bosch induction cooktop error codes 05 13

Error 05 13 on your Bosch cooktop could suggest a faulty control module. This may or may not be a flaw during the manufacturing process. Give Bosch customer service a call and see if they can investigate your case. 

If it is indeed the company’s fault, Bosch will replace your induction cooktop with a new one, like what happened to a Redditor with a similar problem.

However, if the control module malfunctioned because of your carelessness, you would have to ask a technician to purchase and install a new one.

What does the key symbol mean on a Bosch induction hob?

If the key symbol on your Bosch induction hob is visible, it means that your cooktop is locked. 

Different models require unique ways of unlocking the cooktop, but the most common way is to hold the lock button for 5 seconds and release it. 

If your cooktop has a clock touch key, try holding that key for four seconds. After release, the cooktop should be working fine.

Should all else fail, try this: Press the start button and the key button at the same time.

Keep holding them down as you unplug and plug the unit from the outlet. Keep pressing for 10 more seconds, then release. 


Error CodeMeaningTroubleshooting
Flashing heat setting indicatorCooktop cannot detect a pan on the hotplateReplace current pan with an induction-ready pan; Make sure that pan size is appropriate to the size of the hotplate
EMalfunctioning power buttonReset the cooktop
Flashing eWet control panel; something is on top of the control panelDry the control panel with a towel; remove objects on top of the panel
U1Incorrect voltage inputPower outlet might be faulty; Call a technician
P or reverse 9Power board senses that not enough power reaches the burnersReplace the fuse or the power board if you can; Call a technician
ER22Faulty electrical link between two touch keysSwitch off power supply for 10 minutes, switch on for 60 seconds, then switch off again for another 10 minutes
E3High voltage input or a voltage problemPlug your cooktop to an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) instead of plugging directly to outlet
E1Short circuitCall a technician
E135Faulty power moduleCall a technician
05 13Faulty control moduleCall Bosch, this could be the manufacturer’s fault. If it is, they will replace your unit. If the cooktop has exceeded the warranty, call a technician instead.
Key symbolLocked; Child-lockedHold the touchpad with the key symbol for 5 seconds, then release 

The rule of thumb is to always contact the customer service hotline before trying out any quick fix on your device. 

Do your best to leave your cooktop untouched to avoid damaging it, especially if the unit is still eligible for repair or replacement under warranty.

But if you already did all the necessary steps and nothing still happened, or if you think your problem is so minor that a few taps can fix it on the touch keys, then, by all means, follow our guide above.

These troubleshooting methods worked for others. We hope they will work for you, too. 

If they don’t, it is best to ask for help from the expert technicians in your area. Besides, the few hundred dollars you will be cashing out for repair is an inevitable part of an induction cooktop’s maintenance.






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  1. Gary Avatar

    Just getting a – symbol next to the circles and no error code?
    Any idea what I can do?

    1. Michaela Cooke Avatar

      Hi Gary, which Bosch model do you have?

  2. Martynas Avatar


    I’m getting error code 140. Can’t find where problem is.
    Can you please help me.


    1. Michaela Cooke Avatar


      What Bosch cooktop do you have? It seems like your error is not common and is most likely specific to your model. Have you checked the user manual?


  3. Matt Bell Avatar
    Matt Bell

    We arrived home from holidays. Used cooktop and got 4 error codes. The code is 05 31. The cook top is hard wired via a power point do are unable to disconnect. We tried turning mains power off but did nothing.

    1. Michaela Cooke Avatar

      Which Bosch model do you have?

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