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  • Induction cooker cannot detect pan

    It’s the holiday season!  Everyone knows that holidays always bring everyone home. And what’s a better flex than a new set of induction-ready pans to go with your induction cooktop? So it would be disconcerting if you suddenly discovered that the induction cooker cannot detect the pan. Is it your cooker? Is it the pan? […]

  • Bosch induction cooktop error codes

    Bosch induction cooktop error codes

    We know it is frustrating when your induction cooktop works perfectly fine and then suddenly acts up.  But isn’t it more frustrating when the error codes on your cooktop are not indicated in the unit’s user manual?  Unfortunately, only the most common errors are shown on the user manual of your cooktop.  Rare and more […]

  • 5 Most Common Bosch Induction Cooktop Problems

    5 Most Common Bosch Induction Cooktop Problems

    Induction cooktops can be complicated at times. Unlike gas stoves which simply involve turning knobs, induction cooktops involve high-technology components like touch panels, circuit boards, and electromagnetic coils, among others. Having a malfunctioning induction stove is a headache in itself. To save you from the bigger headache of guessing what is wrong with your cooktop, […]

  • Why is my Induction Stove Making a High-pitched Noise?

    Induction stoves have been a game changer in the modern kitchen. They boast a lot of features that take your average home kitchen and upgrade it into the best version of itself.  One of the things people love about induction stoves is the sleek look–usually finished with glass and an effortless aesthetic.  But more than […]

  • Induction cooktop not turning on

    The digital interface of an induction cooktop can set it apart from other types of stoves since it can provide faster and more precise control. But the irony of this advancement is it could also be part of its drawback. Since you’ll have to rely on its control panel to make your induction work, it […]

  • Why Does My Induction Cooktop Keeps Beeping?

    Why Does My Induction Cooktop Keeps Beeping?

    Induction cooktops are investments. If you have an induction range or a stove from one of the high-end brands, you treat it as nicely as possible to make it last longer. So it’s a bit frustrating when your beloved induction suddenly starts beeping.  Why does my induction cooktop keep beeping? Is it something I can […]

  • Why does my induction cooktop keep turning off?

    As a home cook, cooking can be a relaxing part of your day. Whether you’re making a quick lunch or an elaborate dinner for your family, mixing ingredients to turn into cohesive dishes is part of the fun. But doesn’t it bum you out when you’re in the swing of things, and your induction cooktop […]