Does Hexclad work on Induction

Does Hexclad work on Induction stove?

Buying new cookware can be exciting, especially now that you have a selection of style and color options.

But if you have an induction cooktop, you must be selective about which brands to pick since you must ensure they’re compatible with your stove. 

Hexclad has been one of the top contenders for high-quality cookware, and their unique design calls you to check them out. But before you get invested in their pots and pans, you wonder: 

Does Hexclad work on induction?

Their latest cookware collection consists of their patented hybrid design that’s meant to make your cooking experience and cleanup easier. 

But will Hexclad work on induction? Find out below.

The beginnings of Hexclad

Daniel Winer and Paul Mecray are the brains behind Hexclad. They started the company in 2013, selling a juicer called JuicePresso. 

It wasn’t until 2015 that they started redesigning a pan with the technology they found at a trade show in China. By 2016, they launched their hybrid pan, which became the item their brand is most known for.

Since then, their collection has an array of kitchen utensils and cookware, including pots, barbecue grills, woks, and knives.

But considering their wide selection of cookware, is Hexclad induction compatible? Let’s discuss it below.

Is Hexclad cookware induction compatible?

As you know, induction cooktops need cookware with magnetic bases for them to generate an electromagnetic field to heat the cookware. 

Hexclad has perfected its hybrid technology for its pots and pans, but the big question remains:

Is Hexclad induction safe?

Most Hexclad pots and pans are induction-compatible, except for their grill and roasting pan.

If you look through their product listings on their official website, they label whether the pan functions on induction.

If you want to double-check whether your Hexclad pan is induction-compatible, you can verify it through the magnet test

Place a fridge magnet on the bottom of your cookware. If it sticks, it means it has a magnetic base. But if it sticks weakly or falls down, it means it won’t function on your induction cooktop.

What type of material is HexClad?

Hexclad pans consist of tri-ply stainless steel, making them durable while staying lightweight. Their aluminum core ensures even heat distribution so your food cooks uniformly. 

But how is Hexclad good for induction? Their bases contain magnetic stainless steel, that’s why they function well on induction stoves.

Their pots and pans also have a non-stick coating to ensure your food easily slides out after cooking instead of leaving a sticky mess. This also makes cleanup hassle-free since you don’t have to scrub them hard to remove grime.

The handles on Hexclad pots also consist of stainless steel, but they claim to stay cool no matter how long you cook with them.

So you don’t have to worry about burning your hands if you don’t have a pot holder nearby.

What is the technology behind HexClad?

The pattern on Hexclad pans may be the first thing to draw your attention, but the brand actually created its cookware to improve your cooking experience through clever design.

The patterns are stainless steel ridges that allow you to create a beautiful sear, similar to when you’re cooking with a cast iron pan. 

But instead of having a solid layer of stainless steel, they used hexagonal shapes to allow the non-stick coating to peek through so food glides around easily instead of sticking to the surface.

But how does HexClad work for induction?

If you look closely, the hexagonal shapes of the pans continue down to their base, so they have a layer of magnetic stainless steel on the bottom. This allows them to work on different types of stoves, not just with an induction.

Is HexClad just Teflon?

Before we dive into debunking whether Hexclad contains Teflon, let’s first discuss what Teflon actually is.

Teflon is the brand name of a type of thermoplastic fluoropolymer called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). It contains carbon and fluorine and is often used in cookware, electronics, industrial, and automotive products because of its beneficial properties – chemically inert, high melting point, and hydrophobic.

Teflon does have a history of causing cancer and other health issues when used in cookware, but it’s reformulated to remove the toxic chemicals. So, non-stick cookware made after 2013 is now technically safe to use.

Hexclad admits that their non-stick coating contains PTFE, but they don’t reveal if they’re using Teflon. Their website states they use a non-toxic Japanese black coating infused with diamond dust to enforce its durability.

But if you’re wary about using Hexclad pans because of their non-stick coating, cook at low to medium temperatures to prevent the chemical fumes in the coating from leaching out.

How to start using Hexclad

Another thing that makes Hexclad pans different from other non-stick cookware is you need to season them before your first use. 

This improves their non-stick capabilities and adds a layer of protection against damage. To season your Hexclad pan, just follow the directions below: 

  1. Heat your pan to medium-low heat and add 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil.
  1. Use a paper towel to spread the oil on the interior surface of the pan.
  1. Leave the pan on the heat for 1-2 minutes.
  1. If you want to cook, you can place the food directly on the pan and cook normally.
  1. But if not, remove the pan from the heat and let it cool down completely before washing it with soap and water before storing it away.

Can you put Hexclad in the dishwasher?

If the features of a Hexclad pan aren’t enough, it’s also safe to put in the dishwasher. But the brand prefers that you hand wash your cookware with a soft sponge and non-abrasive dish soap to extend its life span.

Since a dishwasher may cause your pan to lose its shine and dull its color, it also increases the possibility of creating scratches on its non-stick coating.

Hexclad induction review

Now that you know that Hexclad pans are induction-compatible let’s see how they hold up in the kitchen through user reviews.

Out of the box, their hybrid pan functions effectively for frying an egg as long as you remember to season it before your first use. 

If you’re still skeptical about its non-stick abilities, the pan can fry a piece of chicken meat without sticking to the surface. They may leave a brown residue after cooking, but they’re removed easily without having to use extra effort to scrub them out.

If you want an update on how the pans fair after a few years of use, their non-stick coating can still hold up after 3 years from gas stove use, but they won’t be as non-stick compared to brand-new pieces. 

If your food starts to stick, you can reseason your pan with vegetable oil to see if it improves its non-stick capabilities.

Another downside is their bases don’t provide as even heat distribution compared to when they’re brand new.

Still, the temperature difference is minimal, so you don’t have to worry about cold spots when cooking. For a non-stick pan, scratches aren’t as prominent, even if you often use a metal spatula for cooking.

The bottom line

If you’ve got your sights set on a Hexclad pan, it’s definitely worth the investment.

Aside from being induction-compatible, it also has the durability of a cast iron skillet, the flexibility of a stainless steel pan, and the convenience of non-stick cookware.

It may have a higher price point compared to other pans in the market, but I think it’s worth it, considering it can last for years with minimal damage. If you like, you can even avail yourself of a set of induction-compatible pots and pans to get the complete Hexclad experience.






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