Can you use The Pink Stuff on glass stove top?

Glass stove tops provide a neat and sleek finish to modern kitchens, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re efficient for cooking.

But if you want to maintain its pristine surface, you have to be careful about the cleaning agents you use.

The Pink Stuff has been getting quite the buzz as the newest cleaning paste. It claims to remove tough stains on several surfaces, such as cookware, sinks, and ceramic tiles.

Considering everyone is trying to get their hands on a tub, you wonder:

Can you use The Pink Stuff on glass stove top?

Short answer, both yes and no.

To answer your question in a deeper context, we’ll take a closer look at its ingredients and cleaning power to determine if The Pink Stuff is worth the hype.

What is The Pink Stuff Paste?

The Pink Stuff is a product of Star Drops dubbed “the miracle cleaning paste”. 

Initially released in 2001, it’s intended for cleaning different surfaces, such as pots and pans, cooktops, sinks, barbecues, showers, garden furniture, and more.

If its multi-purpose use isn’t enough to catch your attention, its pink paste will definitely do the job. Since you rarely see this hue in cleaning products, it makes you look forward to tidying up!

But, Can you use The Pink Stuff paste on a glass stove top?

According to its official website, The Pink Stuff consists of natural ingredients such as powdered quartz, baking powder, and soap to provide a tough cleaning solution without harsh chemicals. 

Although quartz isn’t a traditional ingredient for cleaning pastes, it makes its formula mildly abrasive to make it effective for removing tough stains.

Can I use The Pink Stuff to clean my stove?

You can definitely use The Pink Stuff to clean any type of stove, including a glass stove top. Many users have success in removing burnt spills and stains from their surfaces.

But note that the paste is a mild abrasive, so there’s still a slight chance you might scratch your glass stove if you’re not careful. Just use a soft sponge or cloth to clean the surface.

But if you’re still wary of using The Pink Stuff, you can always test it first on a small section of the stove that’s barely noticeable.

Does Pink Stuff scratch glass stove top?

Now that you know The Pink Stuff’s ingredients make it a mild abrasive, you can’t help but wonder:

Does The Pink Stuff scratch the stovetop?

While The Pink Stuff paste is safe to use for cleaning glass stovetops, a few users still notice prominent scratches on their stoves.

Remember that the paste contains abrasive ingredients, so there’s always the risk of creating marks if you’re not careful.

But it turns out it’s the type of sponge they used that left marks on the glass. That’s why the manufacturer warns against using an abrasive sponge for cleaning your glass stovetop.

It can also depend on how much pressure you put into cleaning since this user used a soft metal scrubber to remove burnt marks and still came out with pristine results.

But some still warn you about using it on your glass stovetop because its powdered quartz and soap are what give its formula an abrasive texture.

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Can I use The Pink Stuff spray on my stove?

If you worry about scratching your glass stovetop, the Pink Stuff spray is a safer bet. It’s made of the same ingredients as the paste, except it’s in a non-abrasive liquid form.

To use, you only need to spritz a couple of sprays to cover the entire surface of the stovetop. Then, use a soft sponge or cloth to wipe away grime.

Since it’s a multi-purpose cleaner, you can also use it to scrub other hard surfaces, like kitchen counters, sinks, and glass.

How to use The Pink Stuff on a stovetop

There are no official instructions on how to use The Pink Stuff paste for cleaning your glass stovetop, but here’s how most users apply it:

  1. With a sponge or cloth, scoop out a small amount of the paste and apply it to your stove. Users like to use it with a Scrub Daddy sponge but feel free to use any soft sponge or cloth you have at home.
  1. Use circular motions to scrub away any grease, spills, or stains on the surface.
  1. Once your stove is free from stains, use a clean sponge or damp cloth to wipe away any leftover paste. Repeat until the stovetop is clear.
  1. If you like, you can also use a clean towel to dry your cooktop, and you’re done!

If you opt to use The Pink Stuff spray, you can follow the same steps above. But spray the liquid cleaner a few times on your stovetop so the product covers the entire surface.

If you’re dealing with stubborn stains, you can soften them by leaving the paste or spray on your stovetop for a few minutes.

Avoid using a steel wool scrubber for cleaning to avoid scratching the glass surface. If the stain still won’t budge, better to use a stove scraper to remove it carefully.

Is The Pink Stuff effective?

Considering it labels itself as a miracle cleaning paste, it’s only natural if you’re skeptical about its cleaning abilities. 

To determine if it’s actually as tough on stains as it says it is, here’s a quick comparison between a few ingredients and popular kitchen cleaning brands:

1. The Pink Stuff vs. baking soda and lemon

Baking soda and lemon are a favorite duo for at-home cleaning solutions. Considering The Pink Stuff also contains baking soda, would it hold up against the age-old mixture? 

This user tested the two on their glass cooktop and let them sit for 30 minutes. Results show that both had underwhelming results since there were still hard and burnt stains left on the burners.

Although The Pink Stuff does a better job of removing the white marks, you might need to apply the product more than once to eliminate them completely.

If you have to, you can also switch to a tougher cleaner to get your stove to a pristine condition.

2. The Pink Stuff vs. Scrub Daddy Power Paste

The Scrub Daddy Power Paste is a new contender in the cleaning game, but it’s already gaining quite a reputation. But how does it compare to The Pink Stuff when it comes to cleaning a  glass stove top?

The Pink Stuff vs Scrub Daddy Power Paste – which is more effective in cleaning stovetops?

This user applied Power Paste on the top half of their stove and used The Pink Stuff on the bottom half. Although their stovetop had no tough stains to remove, they liked how shiny The Pink Stuff made its surface with just one application.

But when it comes to hard and burnt stains, the Power Paste comes out on top. Although it gives the stove a matte finish, it effectively removes the marks with some elbow grease.

3. The Pink Stuff vs. Bar Keepers Friend

Many consider Bar Keepers Friend the gold standard for cooktop cleaners, but can The Pink Stuff compare?

This user used both products to clean old stains on their glass stove, and Bar Keepers Friend does a better job removing them.

Depending on how stubborn the stains are, you might need to apply the cleaner more than once and use a stove scraper to remove tough spots.

The bottom line

The Pink Stuff is a safe cleaning paste to use on your glass stove top, and it doesn’t hurt that it has a really fun hue.

Just remember to use a soft sponge or cloth for scrubbing away stains, so you won’t end up creating scratches on the surface. But if you want to keep it safe, use the multi-purpose spray.

Although The Pink Stuff isn’t as tough on stains as it says, it still does the job of removing new spills and splatters while also giving your glass stovetop a shiny finish.






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