Can i use Easy-Off on glass stove top?

Everything nowadays seems to abide by the fast rule, i.e., the faster you get your results, the more hyped the product is. 

And there’s nowhere better to apply that mindset than facing your kitchen’s built-up grease and grime on the oven and cooktop.

Who wants DIY and elbow grease when you can buy some spray in the store and make it work for you instead?

At least, that “easy” factor is what Easy-Off claims to bring to the kitchen scene. 

“But, can I use Easy-Off on glass stove top?” You might ask. After all, they are fragile and notably expensive. 

This article will answer this question and delve into the hype that is Easy-Off,  so hang on! 

Can Easy-Off be used for stove tops?

Stovetops can range from traditional gas, electric, and sleek-looking glass cooktops.

Some are portable and simpler to clean, while others have ovens and other accessories attached to them, which makes deep cleaning a chore. And as you might know, there’s no “for all” cleaner out there— or at least, not one that everyone agrees on. 

Here’s where Easy-Off comes in to solve your woes.

Easy-Off got its popularity from its oven cleaner, but the brand also offers other products that tackle stoves, cooktops, and grills. They also have a general kitchen cleaner and degreaser for tougher grimes that occur on the backsplash, cooktops, kitchen counters, and cabinets. 

For stove tops or range tops which feature knobs on the front portion of the appliance and often have ovens attached to them, you can use the Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner and its fume-free version. The fume-free oven cleaner is an especially all-time favorite since it features no caustic fumes, albeit being a spray while working effectively for stainless steel, porcelain, enamel, and glass. 

PS. It generally works on non-porous surfaces but should never be used on aluminum pans. 

The following is a general guide to using the oven cleaner. As a safety precaution, always follow the label’s instructions and put on gloves and a protective mask to avoid possible irritation. 

  1. Wait for the stovetop to cool down and ensure proper ventilation.
  2. For deep cleaning, detach the stove grates and burners and place them on the sink for separate cleaning. Stove grates are usually cast iron, but don’t worry, Easy-Off Oven Cleaner is suited for them also, so you can use one product for all. 
  3. When cleaning the detached stove grates and stove burners, wait 30 minutes to let the product work, as these parts of the stovetop can accumulate tough grease and burnt-on food that’s harder to remove. Afterward, you can use a steel wool and toothbrush to clean these parts before heading for the rest of the stovetop. 
  4. If you have to spot-clean stubborn grime, use the combination of a scraper and the Easy Off Kitchen Degreaser before cleaning the rest of the stovetop. 
  5. If you have a traditional gas stove, cover the gas openings with cupcake liners to keep the aerosol from coming inside. 
  6. Apply Easy Off cleaner directly to the stovetop surface and affected areas. Wait for 20-30 minutes. At most, a full 40 minutes can do the trick. 
  7. Wipe off the foam with a damp cloth or paper towel. 
  8. To ensure no oven cleaner residue is left, you can clean it further with soap and water. 
  9. Use a dry towel to clean it to a brilliant shine. 

This product doesn’t require you to work your arms off to numbness but merely wait half an hour for the magic to work effectively. You can even watch one episode of a Netflix show while waiting! 

Can you use Easy-Off on a glass cooktop?

Glass cooktops may seem easy to clean, but you could scratch the smooth surface with the wrong product and eventually leave permanent marks there. 

But Easy-Off takes the burden away with an effective product that does not even need scrubbing pads to aid you!

Their Cooktop Cleaner is a heavy-duty product in liquid form that works well on ceramic glass, stainless steel, porcelain, and cast iron grates. The Easy-Off stove top cleaner is especially effective when you want everyday maintenance for a flat surface like a glass cooktop with minimal nooks and crannies since the liquid can spread more evenly. Otherwise, you’d be better off with an aerosol for spaces like the oven. 

Always ensure you use gloves when cleaning and follow the manufacturer’s labels. The Easy-Off website also recommends the following:

  1. Cool down your ceramic glass before cleaning.
  2. Spot-clean stains and spills with the Easy Off Cooktop Cleaner, then use a damp cloth to wipe it clean. 
  3. Leave the product on for 1 minute for burnt-on stains before wiping it off. Use a damp towel at first, then a dry towel afterward to create a brilliant polish. 
  4. Air dry in a ventilated area for best results. 

Despite not being as popular as their oven cleaner product, the Easy-Off cooktop cleaner reviews on Amazon put it in a “good enough” standard. The negative reviews mainly stem from its inefficacy towards burnt-on stains and caked-on deposits. Some users also remarked on how the cleaner leaves product residue afterward. 

Pro tip: For deep-cleaning, you can use the Fume-free oven cleaner or the Kitchen Degreaser for really tough deposits. Treat the Easy Off cooktop cleaner as your everyday go-to product instead! 

Is Easy-Off safe on glass?

Yes, definitely! 

Easy-Off has a specific line for cooktops, including glass, which is their Heavy Duty Cooktop Cleaner. It comes in liquid form, and since it is more concentrated than your usual aerosol, it’s better to be used on tougher stains. 

The Easy-Off Kitchen Degreaser and Easy-Off Fume-Free Cleaner are also lines that are safe for glass. You can use these, especially the latter, on oven glass doors and glass shower doors. When using the fume-free aerosol, ensure an 8-inch distance before liberally spraying the surface at a 45-degree angle. 

However, their heavy-duty oven line isn’t recommended to be used on glass excessively. It doesn’t damage glass immediately, but if you use it frequently, it might have the potential to do so. The line includes the Easy-Off Professional Heavy Duty Oven & Grill Cleaner, the Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner, and the Easy-Off BBQ Grill Cleaner. 

As a precaution, choose products that do not have a warning label against glass for everyday use. That way, you’ll keep your appliances stain-free. 

Can I use Easy-Off oven cleaner on my glass-top stove?

The warning label for the Easy-Off oven cleaners states you shouldn’t use it on glass in excess as it can lead to stains that may be permanent. So it’s not the end of the world if you happen to use one of their oven cleaners on glass. 

But if you prefer the aerosol type instead of the dedicated cooktop cleaner because of its ease of use and sterling reviews, you can opt for the fume-free oven cleaner. 

The Easy Off Fume-Free Oven Cleaner isn’t marketed for glass stove tops, but since it can be used to clean glass oven doors, it’s safe to assume that you can also utilize it for other appliances with glass parts. You can also use this for self-cleaning ovens and different types of stovetops. 

Always spray it at a distance and do not inhale as it can cause respiratory problems and skin irritation. 

Can I use oven cleaner on glass stove top?

Oven cleaners, Easy-Off included, only work well for the surfaces declared on the manufacturer’s label. Otherwise, you’d risk damage and get no return on investment with the product. As a precaution, if it doesn’t specifically say “glass-safe”, spare yourself from making it work for your stovetop. 

Note that you can use baking soda paste, white vinegar, or Dawn dish soap as a DIY alternative. You can look for commercial oven door or glass cleaners in known brands like Mr. Muscle, Windex, or Rejuvenate. 






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