How long do induction cooktops last?

You may or may not have bought a new induction cooktop yet. 

Regardless, we understand that you’re worried whether your to-be investment would be worth the price. After all, induction cooktops are notorious for being expensive. 

Will your induction cooktop serve its purpose long enough to compensate for its price?

In this article, we will talk about the reliability of induction cooktops, their lifespan, and the frequency of their repair and maintenance. 

We will also cover how to take care of induction cooktops to make them operate at their best for longer.

How long does an induction range last?

First and foremost, it is essential to know the lifespan of your cooktop. The term “lifespan” refers to the time your cooktop could perform at its best without deterioration.

This does not mean you cannot use your cooktop after the prescribed lifespan. After the lifespan is over, you can still use your cooktop but expect its performance to gradually worsen over time.

How quickly your cooktop’s performance worsens depends on many factors, such as brand and build, which we will discuss later.

Generally, the lifespan of induction cooktops depends on who they are manufactured for. 

Consumer-grade induction cooktops have a lifespan of 10,000 hours. These cooktops are designed for everyday use in a regular household.

According to a study published by the American Journal on Preventative Medicine, American adults spend around one hour preparing and cooking food every day. 

If they consistently use their induction cooktop for one hour each day, it will take them 27 years before they reach the average 10,000-hour lifespan of consumer-grade induction cooktops.

But remember that the average daily cooking time varies across cultures. If you are from a country that loves cooking, you might reach the 10,000-hour limit a little earlier than the Americans.

Meanwhile, commercial-grade cooktops have a lifespan of 30,000 hours. Such cooktops are designed for intense and frequent cooking, which is useful for businesses with busy kitchens like restaurants and food caterers.

Suppose that these businesses cook food for 8 hours per day. Then, an average commercial-grade induction cooktop would last them around 10 years.

But not all induction cooktops are created equal. Falcon Industries, a UK-based commercial cooktop manufacturer, reported that some cooktops designed for domestic use have only a 2,500-hour lifespan. 

Again, this depends on the induction cooktop’s brand and build.

Before buying an induction cooktop, ask the salesperson about its lifespan or do your own research. 

Do induction cooktops lose power over time?

As mentioned earlier, induction cooktops lose power when used beyond their expected lifespan.

The cooktops will still operate, but they will gradually deteriorate. Do not worry; all appliances and gadgets work like this. You do not have to replace them after they exceed their lifespan because they will still work.

However, if your induction cooktop has reached that point, you may need to pay a few bills for occasional repair and maintenance.

If your cooktop loses power but still generates heat, the cause may be one of the following:

1. Lack of internal ventilation: The main board might be overheating. Check the fans and vents of your cooktop.

2. Different cookware: Maybe your cookware is the problem. Compare two different cookwares and see if they boil the same amount of water at the same speed. If their results are different, then the slower cookware might be the problem.

3. Inconsistent power supply: Since induction cooktops rely on electricity, electricity supply can also affect their performance. Check whether your electricity source is intermittent before checking whether your cooktop is broken.

Bosch induction cooktop lifespan

Bosch is a German company that has been manufacturing home appliances since the 1930s. In the world of kitchenware, the Bosch brand falls into the “affordable luxury” category, alongside Samsung and KitchenAid, among others.

A study by Consumer Reports declares that Bosch cooktops have a failure rate of 4%. This means that Bosch cooktops fail 4% of the time and work perfectly fine 96% of the time. The study covered all models of Bosch cooktops, so it gives us a general idea of how reliable the brand is.

But how long do Bosch induction cooktops last?

Bosch itself did not release any statement regarding the lifespan of its induction cooktops in particular. 

However, with the brand’s good reputation, we can assume that their induction cooktops have the same lifespan as an average consumer-grade induction cooktop which is 10,000 hours.

Can you repair induction cooktops?

Yes, induction cooktops can be repaired…by expert technicians.

Like any other cooking appliance, induction cooktops can be torn apart piece by piece and put together again. If only one part of your cooktop gets damaged, you can easily have it repaired by a licensed technician.

We know now that induction cooktops operate on a unique and complicated technology. 

Fixing induction cooktops is not as intuitive as fixing electric fans, oven toasters, or power outlets. It takes special skill and experience to repair one. So best believe that your induction cooktop is better off at the hands of an expert than yours.

Can induction cooktop be replaced?

If your induction cooktop is damaged beyond repair, can you still ask the manufacturer to replace it?

Most induction cooktop manufacturers offer a limited warranty. Check if you still have your receipt and warranty card with you. Read the terms of the warranty and identify if the warranty covers the damage to your cooktop.

Let’s say you have already settled the costs of a new cooktop. Is it possible to replace your built-in induction cooktop?

Yes, you can replace your built-in induction hob, given that the replacement fits the hole on your kitchen countertop.

The standard size for cooktops is 30 inches wide, usually four burners. If your cooktop fits the standard size, you have lots of options for replacement, including gas and electric cooktops

Otherwise, measure the width and depth of the countertop cut-out before buying a new cooktop.

Replacing the induction cooktop on an induction range is a different problem. If the convection oven works fine, but the cooktop is irreparable, can you replace the induction cooktop alone?

The safest course of action is to have a technician check your induction range. The technician will decide if the cooktop can still be repaired or replaced without sacrificing the oven. 

However, in most cases, you would have to replace the whole induction range once its cooktop gets broken. Due to the sensitivity of induction technology, removing and replacing the induction cooktop will be hard without damaging the oven.

Does induction cooktop scratch easily?

The surface of induction cooktops is made from glass and ceramic. Although glass is not what would first come to mind when we think of durability, rest assured that the glass surface of your induction cooktop is durable enough to weather heavy iron pots and pans.

But of course, if the glass really is mishandled, the surface will inevitably have scratches.

Instances like dragging the heavy iron pots and pans across the glass surface can cause scratches. Accidentally dropping your pans may also cause scratches or a light crack.

You can prevent scratches on the surface by placing newspapers or kitchen towels between the pans and the glass surface.

Since the cooktop surface does not heat up, the newspaper or kitchen towel is unlikely to catch fire. Also, since these materials are paper thin, they cannot interfere with the magnetic field between the cooktop and the cookware.

Do induction cooktops break easily?

No, induction cooktops are made to last, and they do not disappoint.

But with enough recklessness, your induction cooktop may not live long enough to fulfill its lifespan.

The induction cooktops’ glass surface will only break if heavy force is applied. So, avoid dropping heavy objects on the cooktop or putting things near it that can accidentally fall on it.

When it comes to an induction cooktop’s internal parts, there is not much to worry about. Although its technology is complicated, it consists of fewer spare parts. Fewer spare parts mean fewer long-term complications. 

Here is another advantage: Since induction cooktops do not use gas or fire, they are less likely to explode when broken. A broken induction cooktop often just stops functioning. No dangerous explosions or burning electric coils whatsoever.

How reliable are induction stove tops?

Given all the information above, we can safely assume that induction cooktops are reliable. They are certainly efficient in getting the job done most of the time.

You can rely on the fact that your induction cooktop will take some time before its performance deteriorates. You can maximize its best performance when you properly take care of it.

Trust that your induction cooktop will keep your kitchen safe and pollution-free. Aside from their built-in safety features, they’re also designed to save more energy than regular cooktops.

Overall, you can depend on induction cooktops not only for cooking but also for safety, efficiency, and durability.

Strong and steady

Induction cooktops are designed to minimize the flaws of their predecessors, the gas and electric stoves, which include concerns regarding safety and energy inefficiency. The latest models of induction cooktops improved all those issues without compromising durability and strength. 

Although repair and maintenance may be pricey, do not fret because if you take proper care of your induction cooktop, you are unlikely to bring it to the repairman.

Even with their sleek and seemingly fragile design, induction cooktops are definitely built to last. 






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  1. Frank Eggers Avatar
    Frank Eggers

    Do induction cooktops fail one burner at a time, or do all fail at the same time?

    If one burner fails, can it be repaired or replaced without replacing or repairing the entire cooktop?

    I have a single stand-alone induction burner with a built-in timer to turn the burner off at the right time. Do induction cooktops have built-in timers?

    1. Michaela Cooke Avatar

      It would depend on the brand and model. Which one do you have?

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