Can you use induction cookware on gas stove?

Having an induction cooktop at home may have its perks, but it can also be nice to cook on something more familiar such as a gas stove.

So if you’re lucky to have both in your kitchen, you know how pricey it can get to have a variety of cookware.

Since an induction cooktop needs a specific type of pots and pans to function, it would be more practical if you could use them on both cooktops.

But can induction-ready cookware be used on a gas stove?

Since it would be a shame to damage your favorite magnetic pans, let’s find out which induction-ready cookware is compatible with gas stoves below.

What is induction cookware?

Induction-ready cookware may look like your regular pots and pans, but the significant difference they have is their magnetic bases.

Since an induction cooktop uses electromagnetic energy to heat cookware, the only way you can get it to heat the cookware is when it forms a magnetic field. So to complete this process, you need to place cookware that has a magnetic base.

Cast iron and magnetic stainless steel cookware are the ones that are usually available in the market. But as long as it has a magnetic base, cookware with any type of material will work on an induction cooktop.

Manufacturers would indicate if their cookware is induction-compatible, but one trick to find out is to use a refrigerator magnet. If the magnet sticks to the bottom of your pan, you’ll know it has a magnetic base.

Can you use induction pots and pans on a gas stove?

Considering high-quality cookware doesn’t come cheap, you have to ensure you’ll take good care of them if you want them to last.

So if you already have an excellent set of induction-ready pots and pans at home, getting another one for your gas stove just doesn’t seem practical.

So is it possible to use induction cookware on your gas range without damaging them?

Fortunately, induction cookware is compatible with gas stoves since they use open flames for heating. 

Their magnetic base ensures you’ll have consistent heat throughout your pans, so you won’t have any cold spots or burnt areas when cooking. 

The only thing you need to watch out for is whether your cookware consists of thin steel or if it has a sprayed non-stick or magnetic outer layer, as these may leech out toxic fumes when exposed to open flames.

So to be safe, make sure to use induction-ready cookware that has an attached magnetic base when cooking on a gas stove.

Can you use Tefal induction pans on gas stove?

Tefal is a French cookware company known for creating the first non-stick cookware by applying a Teflon coating on an aluminum frying pan.

They currently have over 20 cookware collections under their belt, and 14 of those are induction-ready. Their pots and pans range from aluminum, stainless steel, and hard-anodized material, with some having removable handles.

Using Tefal induction cookware on a gas burner is safe, as long as you avoid cooking on high heat, as this will deteriorate its non-stick coating.

Other than that, their cookware’s made for durability and versatility to make your cooking experience easier.

Can Scanpan induction be used on gas stoves?

Scanpan is a Danish cookware company focusing on making sustainable aluminum pots and pans that can last a long time. To achieve this, they use recycled beer and soda cans to reduce waste and lessen energy consumption when manufacturing their products.

They’re also the first cookware brand to introduce PFOA-free cookware, so you can rest assured you’re cooking with non-toxic and environmentally-friendly pots and pans.

They currently have 10 cookware collections, and 4 of them are induction-ready. 

The Classic Induction, CS+, HaptIQ, and Pro IQ lines are a collection of non-stick stainless steel, aluminum, cast aluminum, and clad-aluminum cookware compatible with all types of stovetops.

But like all non-stick cookware, you should refrain from cooking with them on high heat to avoid damaging their non-stick coating.

Can an induction base pressure cooker be used on gas stove?

A good induction-ready pressure cooker can cut down a significant amount of your cooking time. So if you can find a reputable brand that works well with your induction cooktop, chances are, it will also function great on a gas stove.

Although the cooking time won’t be as fast as on induction, its flat induction base will ensure your pressure cooker will get a consistent temperature throughout cooking.

But if you’re not sure about its compatibility, you can also check through its manufacturer’s manual. As long as your pressure cooker doesn’t have a sprayed magnetic or non-stick coating, you’re good to go.

What types of pans are suitable for gas stoves?

Are Induction Cooktops better than Gas

The greatest advantage of having a gas stove is that it allows you to use almost any type of cookware.

So if you’re planning on using the same cookware on your induction and gas stove, you’ll need to consider what materials will work best on both, as these could affect your cooking experience and the longevity of your pans.

So before you pick out a new set of cookware, here are a few recommendations you can consider:

Stainless steel

Don’t get fooled by the shiny exterior of stainless steel cookware, as it’s one of the most versatile types on the market.

So if you’re planning to get new stainless steel set for your kitchen, get one that’s fully clad and induction ready. 

Granted, the more layers a stainless steel pan has, the pricier it will be.  But this will ensure it can withstand both heating methods so you can get the most out of them.

Plus, the addition of an aluminum or copper core will also ensure your cookware will absorb heat evenly, so you won’t have to deal with cold spots when cooking.

Hard-anodized aluminum

Untreated aluminum pans may be affordable and lightweight, but they tend to react with acidic ingredients causing toxic chemicals to leach into your food.

So a better compromise is to get hard-anodized aluminum cookware. Since it has undergone the process of anodization, it is more durable and non-reactive to acidic foods.

Just ensure you get an induction-ready set so you can also use it on your induction cooktop.

Choosing multi-layered hard anodized cookware will also be ideal if you use it on a gas stove, as this will ensure optimal heat distribution and retention when cooking.

Carbon steel

If you haven’t heard of carbon steel cookware, it’s usually dubbed as a more lightweight version of a cast iron skillet because of its similarities.

They’re both great at retaining heat and are durable enough to withstand the high temperatures of a gas stove.

But because carbon steel has a smoother texture than a modern cast iron skillet, this makes it more non-stick as long as you keep it well-seasoned.

Luckily, it’s also naturally magnetic, so you can use it on your induction cooktop. Its smooth surface also makes it easier to use as it has a lesser risk of scratching its glass surface.

Just ensure you get ones with a flat bottom so heat can distribute evenly when using on induction.

Tips for using induction cookware on a gas stove

Although it’s easy to operate a gas stove, it can be challenging to get a precise heat setting when cooking on one. So if you want your induction pans to last, here are a few tips you can follow to keep them in pristine condition:

  • Avoid cooking with non-stick pans at temperatures higher than 500°F (260°C) to prevent their non-stick coating from deteriorating.
  • Keep cast iron and carbon steel pans well-seasoned to maintain their non-stick capability. This will also make it easier to clean the pans later since you don’t have to scrape burnt and stuck bits off.
  • Let your cookware cool down completely before washing to avoid warping or deforming your cookware.

Final takeaway

Since induction cooktops and gas stoves have vastly different methods of heating, it’s easy to believe you’ll also need to have different sets of cookware for each stove.

Luckily, induction cookware is functional on a gas stove as long as you avoid the ones that have a sprayed non-stick or magnetic exterior.

So if you’re looking to add more pots and pans to your collection, it will be more practical to get induction-ready cookware so you can easily switch them between the two stoves.






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