SPT Mr. Induction SR-964TS Micro-Induction Cooktop Review

SPT Mr. Induction SR-964TS 1300-watt Micro-Induction Cooktop
The SPT 1300-Watt Induction Cooktop is a portable induction unit perfect for fulfilling all of your cooking needs. Like other induction cooktops, it requires that you use cookware composed primarily of a magnetic material but offers quick, safe and efficient heat.

Sunpentown’s foray into the induction market is particularly noteworthy for its performance at lower temperatures. While many other cooktops in its price range are unreliable at lower watts and may burn food, SPT’s 1300 Watt model is capable of precise cooking at temperatures as low as 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is perfect for those looking to cook a wide range of dishes with a single purchase.

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1. Power Settings
2. Safety Features
3. Capacity
4. Construction and Appearance
5. Dimensions
6. Accessories
7. Customer Reviews
8. Pros & Cons
9. Price
10. Features Summary
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The Sunpentown Mr. Induction SR-964TS Cooktop has an 8 hour timer. It has numerous power settings, allowing it to precisely cook food at your choice of wattage or temperature. It will automatically shut itself off when the timer runs out to keep your food from overcooking or burning. It also features a handful of safety considerations including automatic pan detection and a control lock to help keep your cooking experience safe and uneventful.

Sunpentown offers a limited one year warranty on this device, covering both parts and labor.

Power Settings

The SPT 1300-Watt can cook at one of 7 power settings between 100 and 1300 watts or at one of 13 temperatures between 100 and 390 degrees F. It is particularly stable at the lower temperatures when compared to similarly priced models. When combined with the built in timer, the temperature control allows you to effortlessly cook your food to perfection, even while multitasking.
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Safety Features

This cooktop will detect pans automatically. It will not turn on unless a suitable cooking vessel is detected by the unit. All heating activity ceases upon the removal of the pot or pan. Additionally, this model features a control lock, making it more difficult to accidentally turn on or make unwanted changes to cook time or temperature.

The ceramic surface of the Sunpentown is quite cool, even just after cooking. Given the safe and efficient nature of induction ranges, this unit is safe to use in places where a hot plate or gas range are not allowed.
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This cooktop can accommodate pots and pans which are 4.5-inches up to 12-inches in diameter, giving you a wide variety of cookware which you can use with this cooker. Anything larger than 12 inches will risk overheating and could crack the glass top.

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Construction and Appearance

Made from a durable ceramic, Sunpentown’s 1300 watt model is available in black (Model SR-964TB) and silver (Model SR-964TS). It features a matte finish, a stylish indicator on the top of the induction surface, and a easy to use front panel. It has a small but easily readable LCD screen and a simple array of buttons to navigate between various heating modes.
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The SPT 1300-Watt fits easily into a kitchen of any size. It measures 11.81 x 14.17 x 2.48 inches. It’s lightweight and portable, weighing 4.5 pounds. It can easily fit into a suitcase or backpack for travel.
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You can’t buy a cover or bag for this model but you can use any bag so long as this fits. Any induction-ready cookware will work on this.

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Customer Reviews

This Mr. Induction portable cooktop has gotten many rave reviews from people who live in small cabins, boats, those who want to try out induction cooking before they splurge $2-$3K for a full range, and those who’s having their kitchen remodeled. There is one negative review from someone who got a defective product, which I think is an exception and not the rule. Costing under $60 (discounted price), it’s cheap enough that even if it breaks down after a couple of months, you wouldn’t really mind although there were reviews from owners who use this everyday for over a year. Yes, this comes with a 1 year warranty and you can get Square Trade Appliance Protection for either 2 or 3 years both costing less than $10, which is optional of course, but necessary if you want an extended warranty.

One downside of this model is temperature control. It’s only accurate up to 180 deg, after that it’s 20-30 degrees higher than the actual setting. So, if you’re someone who relies on accurate digital temperatures, get something else.

This 1300-watt cooktop is perfect when you’re cooking just for yourself and your significant other but if you’re cooking for a big family, you’ll need more power so get a 1800-watt model. Read more SPT SR-964T Micro-Computer Induction Cooktop reviews here.
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Amazon Rating: 3.6


Pros & Cons

product name prosPros:
Induction cooktops all share a common set of advantages over traditional ranges. Because they generate heat in your pan directly rather than heating a flame or a coil, they are more energy efficient and don’t heat up your house. They’re also much safer – when you remove the pot or pan you’re cooking with, the surface is only slightly warm to the touch. Because the ‘burner’ is just a magnetic field, you can leave it unattended with no fear of fire. Induction ranges are perfect for those whose housing disallows hot plates or other heating devices, as well as those who simply want the safer, more efficient heat offered by these wonderful machines.

Sunpentown’s 1300 watt model is compact and lightweight. Weighing in at just under 5 pounds, it’s about 12 x 14 x 3 – so roughly the size of a textbook. It features intelligent temperature control to as low as 100 degrees Fahrenheit with pinpoint accuracy, allowing you to simply dial in a temperature, set a timer, and walk away. Other integrated features include a timer, pan detection and a control lock.

product name consCons:
The control lock on this model is somewhat annoying. Rather than being an optional feature for those with children or other concerns, the control lock is mandatory and pervasive. You will have to press the lock button a lot. You may find yourself wondering why a lock is a necessary feature on a device that’s so much safer than a gas or electric range. It’s a small consideration, given the price, convenience and power of this unit, but it’s still a bit of a pain.

Like other induction cooktops, this model does not produce heat by itself. It requires special induction ready cookware in order to generate heat and cook food. Your steel and cast iron pots and pans are likely already induction ready, but be aware that you may need to purchase additional cookware to fully utilize this device.

Finally, 1300 watts is adequate for all of your cooking needs – but it’s just adequate. While other induction ranges can boil water in mere moments, the Sunpentown takes a little while to get there.If you find yourself performing extremely high temperature cooking tasks (like candy making) on a regular basis, consider a more powerful model.
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Check current pricing discounts:

Both the black and silver model of the SR-964T sells for $130, but you can get it at 55% off on Amazon, with free shipping to boot. That’s the lowest price I’ve seen online.

Features Summary

SPT Mr. Induction SR-964TS Micro-Induction Cooktop Features Summary

More Resources:

Official Website: www.sunpentown.com
User Manual: Download here

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