NuWave PIC 2 Precision Induction Cooktop Review

NuWave PIC 2 Portable Induction CooktopIf you’ve heard of the NuWave products it was probably on television. Their products were not available in your local big box retail store at first, but online and through television infomercials. They quickly grew in popularity, finding themselves in just about any retail setting today. The NuWave line of products is produced by Hearthware Inc. an American company that is pretty new in the industry. They don’t make a lot of different products with a quality over quantity theory.

The NuWave PIC2 has become popular due to the revolutionary features for an induction cooktop making it unique compared to other plain induction cookers. It has vast features from the adjustable temperature controls to unheard of safety features making it a good choice for an electric induction cooker.

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1. Power Settings
2. Safety Features
3. Capacity
4. Construction and Appearance
5. Dimensions
6. Accessories
7. Customer Reviews
8. Pros & Cons
9. Price
10. Features Summary
11. More Resources

Induction cooking is the most energy-efficient way to cook because it converts the highest percentage of energy to heat. This makes the NuWave a great choice for eco-friendly cooking and saves you money on your energy bills.

The 100 hour programmable memory is a great feature that allows you to set the timer to cook the amount of time your recipe calls for. This is a helpful feature that will keep you from overcooking your food if you happen to forget about it. It also features a delay option that allows you to get everything prepared and start the cooking when you’re ready for it.

An automatic shut-off feature will shut the cooker off if an appropriate pot or pan is not on the surface. This is a great feature that will make sure the cooker is off if it is not in use.

Small design and lightweight allows you to take it along with you on trips, or anywhere you can find an outlet to plug it in.

Power Settings

This induction cooker uses 1300 watts from a 110 volt power supply as its source to heat. It features 6 pre-programmed settings at common cooking temperatures, but it has flexibility to digitally adjust the temperature up and down by 10 degrees. It has 52 heat settings from 100 degrees to 575 degrees, giving you the exact amount of heat you need for any recipe.
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Safety Features

One of the best parts about the PIC2 is the vast amount of safety features they have included making it one of the safest electric induction cookers on the market. The automatic shutoff will turn the cooker off within 1 minute if cookwear is not on the heating surface. They claim one in a trillion electrical failure on their PIC line of electric cookers. This means that the unit will never cause a fire due to built-in technology. A big safety warning printed on the top of the cooking surface stating that it may remain hot after cooking. The warning is there for legal reasons, but the surface is cool in 1 minute.
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Cooking Capacity

The cooking surface is large enough to accommodate 12 inch pots and pans easily. The heating coil is only 7 inches in diameter, so the center will get hotter than the edges requiring stirring. It can hold 6.5 quart pots, and any cookware that is 12″ in diameter or less. The weight capacity is 50 pounds, giving you the option to boil large volumes of water, or pressure cook large meals.
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Construction and Appearance

The NuWave PIC2 uses a ceramic cooking top that has 2 heating element lines. The outside appearance of the cooker is all black including the top. The front control panel has various controls for temperature, on/off, delay, and programming buttons. The body of the cooker is made out of a heat-resistant material, and it includes a fan to assure the heating element don’t overheat. The heating coil designed of high-grade copper, for extended product life.
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The overall size of the PIC2 is 14.4 inches wide x 15.9 inches long x 6.3 inches high. It weighs only 5.4 pounds, the small size and lightweight body makes it very portable. NuWave claims that the entire top cooking surface is useable cooking area almost 14 inches in diameter.
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It has a carrying case included when you buy it direct from their website and on infomercials. However, you can save if you buy it for less than $100 on Amazon, and just buy the carrying case on their website for $20 (plus shipping). NuWave also has their own cookware set, from frying pans to pressure cookers but you don’t have to buy them as the PIC is compatible with other induction-ready cookwares.
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Customer Reviews

With mixed reviews online, it can be hard which to believe. The product itself is great, but having been sold through infomercials, the company has a bad reputation for extortionate postage charges and other hidden charges. Therefore, it’s not wise to order it that way or even from their official NuWave website. It’s better to order it from Amazon – it’ll save you money and is hassle-free.

I’ve looked at Amazon, and most negative reviews were from those who purchased it from home shopping networks or from their website directly. Those Amazon verified purchases were mostly positive, the only complaints were about uneven heating and having to purchase additional ferrous cookware. These are common concerns with all induction cooktops. You can read more NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop reviews here.
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Amazon Rating: 3.9


Pros & Cons

product name prosPros:
Electric induction cooking is the most energy-efficient cooking, converting most of the exhausted energy into heat. This lightweight cooker is small and light enough to carry along on trips or take camping. Anywhere you have a 110 volt 15 amp outlet to plug it in you can use it.

The selectable heating temperatures allowing 10 degree accuracy from 100-575 degrees gives you options for any type of cooking. Programmable options allow you to set it and check back later, no need to sit and watch over the cooker. A unique delay feature allows you to start cooking when you want to start.

Huge 50 pound weight limit and large heating surface give you the option to cook just about anything on this compact cooker.
product name consCons:
Hearthware Inc., the company which manufactures NuWave is a somewhat unknown company with dubious track record in comparison to leading manufacturers. They are not BBB accredited and have over 1000 complaints against them in the last 3 years, although these are mostly due to fine print issues concerning exorbitant “shipping and handling fees” which are rampant on most TV infomercial products. You can avoid this by buying PIC2 on Amazon with free shipping.

The induction heating surface requires pots and pans that are magnetic to work. If you remove the pot or pan, the PIC2 will turn the heat off, and you will have to turn it back on.

Uneven cooking is a huge complaint against this cooker and many induction cookers, as they use a small heating element that gets hotter in the center.

Without a long standing in the industry it’s hard to know the durability and lifespan of the product.
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Check current pricing discounts:

You can get the PIC2 on infomercials and the manufacturer website for 3 easy payments of $33.33, but the hidden fine print is that it will charge you nearly $30 for shipping. Not only that, but when you go through the entire payment process, you’ll be surprised with hidden charges for supposedly “free gifts”. For security and peace of mind, it’s better to purchase it on reputable online stores like Amazon. Currently, you can get it on Amazon for under $95 with free shipping, which is a really good deal, and if you don’t like it, you can return it with Amazon’s no-fuss return policy. I do recommend you get it with the Square Trade Extended Warranty (which lasts up to 3 years) for less $10 for added protection in case the product breaks outside the standard 1-year warranty period.

Features Summary

NuWave PIC 2 Precision Induction Cooktop Features Overview

NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop Video Review

Here’s a good video which show you how a happy customer cooked scrambled eggs, fried eggplants and chicken with minimal oil, which is quite healthy.

More Resources:

Official Website:
User Manual and Cookbook: Get it here
Quick Start Guide: Download here

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