Fagor 670040890 2-piece Countertop Induction Cooking Set Review

Fagor 670040890 2-piece Countertop Induction Cooking Set
Without the need of an open flame to cook food, induction cookers are not only safe but also very effective. The induction cook top produces a magnetic field in a way that the cookware itself starts producing heat while the cooking surface remains cool. This significantly reduces the risk of any accidental burns. It’s also a breeze to set-up, because it just requires a power socket to work.

One of Europe’s largest appliance manufacturers, Fagor makes some of the best induction cook tops in the world. Their wide ranges of cook tops are reputed to be durable, efficient, and sleek in design. One of their most popular models is the Fagor 670040890 2-piece Induction Set. The set includes a single stove induction cook top and a cast aluminum skillet. Thanks to its relatively smaller size the cook top is highly portable and is commonly used outdoors, mobile homes and campings. To get a better idea about the limitations and advantages of the 2PC induction set, let’s find out all there is to know about the product.

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1. Power Settings
2. Safety Features
3. Capacity
4. Construction and Appearance
5. Dimensions
6. Accessories
7. Customer Reviews
8. Pros & Cons
9. Price
10. Features Summary
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The Fagor induction cooker comes with a lot of features that makes it extremely easy to operate. Let’s look at these features in the way it helps us in real life.

Saves Energy: The cooker saves energy in two ways. Firstly, it saves energy by detecting the size of the cookware’s base and generating optimum amount of power. On top of that the appliance also has numerous power settings enabling you to select the perfect mode to cook a specific type of food. This not only reduces wastage but also by selecting the optimum power setting the food gets perfectly cooked.

Easy to Operate: The cook top features a digital display. This display indicates cooking modes, temperature and features a built in timer. So, you can set the timer and the leave the food unattended while it’s still cooking. The cook top will automatically shut down when the timer hits zero, without you having to worry about the food getting burned or overcooked.

Power Settings

The cook top has an output of 300 to 1600 watts depending on the power setting used and requires a 110-volt power outlet. The Fagor cook top comes with 10 different power settings ranging from 140 Degree to 430 Degree Fahrenheit. This means you can melt, cook, fry, sear, boil, heat, or even warm any kind of food without having to use a different stovetop.

I’ve attached a table below showing the different power levels and its corresponding wattage output and heat setting.
Fagor 670040890 Induction Cooktop Power levels
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Safety Features

The cook top comes with a few safety features that can prevent accidents. The automatic shut off feature, shuts down the cooker if no cookware is detected on top of it for over 30 seconds. This not only saves energy but also enhances the safety of the product. The induction cooker also comes with a child lock feature, ensuring the safety of your children when you’re cooking. Perhaps the most obvious safety feature of an induction cooker is its flameless operation. The cook top glass remains cool even after hours of cooking, preventing burns and injuries.

It also has overheat protection. Nevertheless, you should not put an empty pan unattended as it heats up up quickly and may get damaged.
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The cooking surface of the cooker is relatively smaller when compared standard home induction cookers. However, this model was manufactured keeping portability in mind and it’s 10 inch heating unit works well with regular sized pots and pans. Fagor recommends using cookware ranging from 6 to 10 inches in diameter, although they did say you can use pots larger than 10″ but the efficiency of the cooktop may be slightly diminished (that is to say, you will have to keep stirring so your food won’t get burned in the middle).
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Construction and Appearance

The Fagor cook top has sleek black and silver design making it perfect for modern day kitchens. It features a durable crystal glass panel. The panel is easy to clean and highly durable. The panel also features water-resistant soft touch control for selecting different temperatures or cooking modes. The cook top is constructed using high quality single piece cast aluminum, which evenly distributes the heat without creating hot spots.
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The Fagor 2PC cook top is compact and lightweight making it perfect for outdoors. It’s just 11.75” wide, 14″ long and a mere 2″ in height. The cook top weighs just 5 pounds and you can easily carry it around to parties and camps.
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A 9″ cast aluminum skillet is already included with the cooktop, so you can start cooking immediately. If you want to use other cookware, just buy any induction-ready pots and pans. There’s no carry case available for this model, so you just to improvise and perhaps use a laptop bag if you want to carry this unit out of the house.

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Customer Reviews

This unit is well-received with many positive feedback from owners. It’s a great way to try out induction cooking without having to buy additional cookware. Apart from a couple of negative reviews from what seemed like a defective product, the only other concern was that the cooktop will shut-off if you lift the pan (like when you’re omelets and you want to twirl the egg) – this is a safety feature of ALL induction cooktops.  Read more Fagor 670040890 Induction Cooktop reviews here.
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Amazon Rating: 4.2


Pros & Cons

Now that you know all about the features and specifications of the products, it’s time to look at the pros and cons. These pros and cons are based on the reviews of real customers and can help you take a final call.

product name prosPros:
Faster cooking time when compared to conventional methods.

Very easy to operate.

Easy to store and carry around.

Cooks all kinds of food efficiently.


product name consCons:
The fan is a bit noisy.

The silver portion of the cooker is made from plastic and can melt if it comes in contact with a hot surface.
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While there are a few negatives, the Fagor 2Pc set is overall an efficient appliance and does exactly what it claims. This small cook top is a practical choice for outdoors or small kitchens and has the ability to perform as well as a gas stove. The 9.5” skillet included in the set is durable and can be used to prepare a varied range of dishes. Overall the product gets a thumbs up for practicality, efficiency and safety.

Check current pricing discounts:

I’ve checked all online retailers and they sell this unit for $99, but if you’re looking for the best price, it’s currently being sold on Amazon for 10% off, with free shipping too. Although I have to warn you, as they change prices often and that deal may not last long.

Features Summary

Fagor 670040890 2-Piece Countertop Induction Cooktop Features Summary

Video Overview of the Fagor Induction Cooktop Burner Model 670040890

More Resources:

Official Website: www.fagoramerica.com
User Manual: Download it here

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