DUXTOP 8300ST 1800-Watt Portable Sensor Touch Induction Cooktop Review

DUXTOP 8300ST 1800-Watt Portable Sensor Touch Induction Cooktop
DUXTOP is a cooking brand widely known for its single burner induction cooking technology that employs burners with a cutting edge over normal cooking burners. Induction cooking refers to heating through magnetic field as opposed to the usual heat transfer method. Induction heating detects the ferromagnetic material in your cookware and only heats that. The advantage of this kind of cooking is that it offers better energy use and lesser heat loss thus saving time and money.

Its top of the range DUXTOP 8300ST single burner series has two advantages over other models in the series; a child protection system that ensures your child’s safety and a digital sensor panel for control over a push button. The design is sleek and suave. It is futuristic look and will complement any cooking surface. Whether you are short of space or have a countertop to yourself, this burner will prove to be an efficient cooking tool.

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1. Power Settings
2. Safety Features
3. Capacity
4. Construction and Appearance
5. Dimensions
6. Accessories
7. Customer Reviews
8. Pros & Cons
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A compact and lightweight device, it is a perfect addition to any kitchen. Equipped with a handful of essential safety such as child lock, auto shut-off and pan detection. The unit will automatically shut off after 60 seconds if no cookware is detected.

If you are new to cooking, then a DUXTOP 8300ST will work well for you. However, you need to have the right cookware for the burner as the technology employed requires to be made of certain metals. The metals that work well with induction heating include enameled iron, induction ready, enameled steel, magnetic stainless steel or cast iron. DUXTOP whole-clad premium cookware is also available for purchase and works seamlessly with the cooker.

Power Settings

There are 2 modes of operation: Power and Temperature. When you need exact cooking temperature, use the TEMPERATURE mode which has 10 different settings ranging from 140 to 464 degrees Fahrenheit. If you need to select the power level that relates to the amount of wattage (or the BTU/HR equivalent) the cooktop generates, use POWER mode with 10 different levels ranging from 200 to 1800 watts. Below is a table of what each temperature and power setting equates to.

Duxtop 8300ST power and temeprature levels
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Safety Mechanism

You can enable the child safety lock by pressing the safety lock key for 3 seconds. A built-in timer allows up to 170 minutes and is handy when you need to time your cooking. You can set the timer at 5 minute intervals.

Simply place your cookware on the burner after releasing the child safety lock and the device automatically detects the cookware, its heat requirement and you are good to go! Start cooking. The best part is in case you forget to switch off the burner once you are done, the burner automatically turns itself off in 60 seconds if it detects no cookware. There is an auto-pan detection system on the burner that makes this possible.

A low or high voltage warning will appear in the event of either one occurs. A diagnostic error system will always display in case of a malfunction and user manual has different error codes listed with various troubleshooting options.
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The minimum diameter of cookware it can hold is 4 inches, although if you use 4to 6-inch pans, it will not detect the pan if it has low ferromagnetic content – this is a safety mechanism. There is no maximum limit on the diameter, but for optimal results I suggest using a 12-inch pan although users claimed that they have used 13 to 14-inch pots with not problems at all.

If you use cookware above 8 inches, it’s highly recommended that you keep stirring to distribute heat evenly and not burn food at the bottom center. The manufacturer states that you should not put anything weighing more than 25 lbs. on top of the cooker.
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Construction and Appearance

There is a digital sensor touch control panel on the DUXTOP 8300ST. The top plate is made of induction metal. It is compact in design with a black finish.
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The burner has dimensions of 14 by 11.6 by 2.75 inches. It weighs about 5.75 lbs.
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if you don’t have induction-ready cookware, you can get the Duxtop Whole-clad Tri-ply Stainless Steel 10-piece cookware which is guaranteed to work with the 8300ST.
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Customer Reviews

The user reviews are mostly in praise of the DUXTOP 8300ST. Except for a complaint here and there, the device comes off as an excellent buy. Generally, water boiling is faster on the induction cooker than on a normal stove. While you would require about ten to fifteen minutes bringing about three quartz to a boil, it would take the induction cooker about two to three minutes to get the job done. So there is a win for speed and heat performance.

The stir-fry speed is laudable and efficient. The deep fry is also commendable given the standard temperature maintained by the burner without under or overheating the contents being cooked.

On the down low, there’s too much flashing of horizontal lines on the power panel – when the unit is plugged on an a loud beeping will always keep you on your toes if you forget to place a cooking pan on the burner surface. Every couple of hours even on the lowest temperatures, the cooker will turn itself off. While this is frustrating to someone cooking, it makes the appliance come off as safe if the user forgot to turn it off.

One user complained that the water spill from an over-boil somehow messed up the responsiveness of the touch controls, so the user was not able to power the unit off. She had to unplug the device and wiped the water off the surface before the controls worked again.

The general feeling is that the performance is amazing except for a few nit-picky issues. The single burner is a great buy for your kitchen with most users replacing a four burner gas or electric stove use with it. The DUXTOP 8300ST is largely viewed as convenient, low-footprint but also a versatile cooker by most users. Read more Duxtop 8300ST Portable Induction Cooktop reviews here.

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Amazon Rating: 4.1


Pros & Cons

product name prosPros:
Fairly decent timer is long enough for most dishes.
Temperature and power control options is adequate for nearly all kinds of cooking.
Easy to clean surface.
Child lock features diables all controls except the power button – great when you have little ones around.

product name consCons:
Even though you turn off the unit, the touch control LEDs still blinks until you unplug the unit.
It has no memory function, so if you clean the glass surface, take care as to not wipe too close to the power button, otherwise you would have to set it up again from the start.
The cooling fan also comes off as noisy especially if you find microwaves noisy. The noise has the same decibel level as that of a microwave.
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Check current pricing discounts:

It’s listed manufacturer price is $169.99, however you can get it for less than that. If you’re looking for the best price online, it’s currently 50% off on Amazon.

Features Summary

DUXTOP 8300ST 1800-Watt Portable Sensor Touch Induction Cooktop Features Summary

Duxtop 8300ST Unboxing and Video Review

More Resources:

Official Website: www.thesecura.com
User Manual: Download it here

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